UFC 117 Results: Anderson Silva Is Not Invincible

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

Everyone is beatable in MMA, and that includes Anderson Silva.

During the main event at UFC 117, Silva was not only losing on the feet for a couple of occasions, but he was completely dominated on the ground. Sonnen took the champion down at will and punished him with hard blows to the body and face, scaring UFC fans at the unimaginable thought of the Brazilian losing his middleweight crown.

Luckily for Silva, he mustered the last bit of energy he had to capitalize on Sonnen's mistake and lock in a triangle choke for the win. For some, the win signifies a great comeback for Silva, but to others it is clear that Silva was dominated and beat up for an entire fight, and it now leaves questions open surrounding his next title defense.

And while some fans saw the heart of a champion, I saw the blueprint to defeat one.

It is fair to say that Silva's takedown defense isn't great but following his fight vs. Sonnen it appears to be useless. As superior as he is on the feet, Silva was dropped, twice. On the ground, as he laid motionless and fatigued, he appeared defenseless following repeated shots from his opponent.

In my previous article, I stated that the outcome of this bout would determine the direction of Silva's career, but it ended with a different revelation; Anderson Silva will lose sooner or later.

He might still be considered by most MMA fans as the best fighter in the world, but at the age of 35, Silva isn't getting any younger.

Say what you will about Silva's performance at UFC 117, but it is evident that the crown might become a little too heavy to handle for UFC's Middleweight kingpin.