2010 Fantasy Football Redraft Mock Draft in Progress With Commentary

John ZaktanskyCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2010

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 13:  Yeremiah Bell #37 of the Miami Dolphins attempts to tackle Maurice Jones-Drew #32 of the Jacksonville Jaguars during the game at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on December 13, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
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What is early August without a good mock or two?

The writers and friends at chinstrapninjas threw together a slow mock draft at our message boards. As we complete each round, we’ll be posting the results here on our homepage for your viewing enjoyment (and for your comments, questions, critiques, etc.

The first round is in the books, with the following results:

These picks were made using the following guidelines: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST, five bench spots; Redraft Standard scoring, no PPR. 4pts passing TD, 6pts rushing and receiving TDs, 1 pt per 10 yards rushing, 10 yards receiving and 25 yards passing. Typical scoring for kickers and defense.

(sockonfl) 1.01 Maurice Jones-Drew

Yes, you read that right. Chris Johnson will not be the first pick in our mock. How can you do that? No running back in the history of the NFL that ran for over 2,000 yards in a season has even run for 1,500 yards the next season. The amount of touches CJ2K had in 2009 was just crazy. He will be hardpressed to put up similar numbers.

Anyway why MJD? He is one of the most consistent running backs over the last several seasons and is basically the focal point of the entire Jacksonville offense. Plus, Jones-Drew has been very durable and does not miss games. He gets a bigger boost in PPR leagues too. Draft Jones-Drew and be happy that you did it.

(ep) 1.02 Adrian Peterson

Debated this pick for a while, but went with Peterson over Chris Johnson because it’s 2010 and not 2009 and AP isn’t holding out. Peterson should see more time on third down this year and all Vikings fans will be happy to see less of Chester Taylor. Peterson has proven he can be dominant home run threat with or without a quarterback like Brett Favre at the helm.

(consigliere) 1.03 Chris Johnson

Well much like my hometown, the Detroit Lions, I am just doing what the draft tells me to do. With Chris Johnson falling to me at three, I have no choice but to take him and hope last year wasn’t all a blur.

Johnson will be the center piece and will get the ball a lot. He is always a threat to break one for a long touchdown. I don’t think to many people could disagree with the selection of Chris Johnson at three. I really don't have much interesting insight here (don’t worry that’s coming in the later rounds).

(krause) 1.04 Ray Rice

In 2009 Rice burst onto the fantasy scene collecting 2041 total yards and eight TDs. His 78 receptions led all RBs which is huge in PPR formats. In 2010, Rice will have a healthy QB in Joe Flacco, a receiver to take the pressure off him in Anquan Boldin and two young TEs. Also don’t expect Willis Mcgehee to steal too many TDs. In the last 12 games last year Rice had 42 red zone touches to Mcgehees 16. Rice is the real deal. Don’t be afraid to draft him early.

(ryder) 1.05 Frank Gore

For me this was a toss up between Gore and M.Turner. Gore will get his fair share of touches. Looks like SanFran is going to pound the ball after the team drafted two linemen with the early picks they had. Gore will also give you an edge catching a few balls out of the backfield.

(speedy) 1.06  Steven Jackson

This is the where the debate gets a little interesting, I think you can take Stephen Jackson, Michael Turner or is this maybe the spot for Drew Brees or Andre Johnson. I took Jackson because I think a fully healthy Jackson is a better fantasy value than Turner. If this mock draft was six points for passing TDs, instead of four, I would almost definitely take a QB.

(jzak) 1.07 Andre Johnson

This is a very easy pick. I would have taken him at 1.05. He is the top wide receiver with no red flags versus running backs with plenty of question marks. Michael Turner was my backup option in non ppr.

(jaymo) 1.08 Michael Turner

My preferred pick went right before me. How often does that happen? So, I’m left with my second choice and an unsettled stomach. Michael Turner’s red flags (injury bug and skimpy track record as a full-time starter) don’t give me as much confidence as I’d like to have with my first pick of a draft, so I’m facing more pressure to pick up the slack in later rounds.

Turner’s scoring potential (10 TDs in basically half of a season last year and 17 TDs in 2008) make me feel a little better. Plus, I’m guessing Atlanta will be a better team this year – meaning Turner will have a better year. Even if he gets hurt again, at least he showed he can still score.

(sockonfl’s Team B) 1.09 Randy Moss

Now that all the top notch running backs are gone, it’s definitely time to get a premier player at other positions. I thought about Aaron Rodgers here but with only 4 points per TD, that lowers his effectiveness somewhat.

Moss is in the final year of his contract with NE, thus he will be playing for his last big payday. In addition, NE is rumored to not be interested in resigning him, so one big year last hurrah with Tom Brady will be in order. I don’t think he will be quite as good as the 2007 magical season, but I think Moss will have one more major impact year left in him for 2010.

(consigliere’s Team B) 1.10 Brandon Marshall

A PPR machine and fantasy monster. He will catch the ball and he will score touchdowns. He is going to be a top flight guy who really wants to show McStupid he was wrong to let him go.

I am happy to get him here in a PPR i think he is No. 2 behind Andre Johnson.

I think i will have one of the top WR here and there aren't really any backs that i rate higher than Marshall in a PPR setting.

(ep’s Team B) 1.11 Miles Austin

No-brainer. Austin is the top receiver on my board. No. 1 receiver in a pass-first offense.

(jzak’s Team B) 1.12 Rashard Mendenhall

It's tough between him and a certain other RB I have ranked nearby in my recent redraft rankings. Flozell’s signing with Pittsburgh makes me a little less nervous about run protection for the Steelers, so taking a chance on Mendenhall here.

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