Tavoris Cloud Squeaks by Glen Johnson to Retain Light Heavyweight Title

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IApril 3, 2017

When Tavoris Cloud roared at Glen Johnson before the fight started I knew we were in for something special. This was the first fight that I was looking forward to in a long time.

They immediately went toe to toe and started fighting in a phone booth. They were both throwing heavy punches and looking to do damage.

After one round it was apparent that Johnson wasn’t shot and Cloud wasn’t in over his head. They both looked good defensively in the first round which came as a surprise (to me at least).

Cloud started doing some nice body work in the second and then Johnson caught him with a big right hand upstairs. Johnson started to pour it on and Cloud looked to be hurt as he hung on.

It was clear that the shorter tighter punches of Johnson were winning the day on the inside. After Cloud took the first half of the round Johnson clearly took the second half with some wicked shots.

The fight was falling into some great ebb and flow action. Johnson was placing his punches perfectly and was being the more physical fighter.

Johnson is a special fighter and the fact that he is a 41-year-old man and winning the physical battle against a much younger opponent proves it.

In the fourth round Cloud started to find his range and got some great leverage on his punches. After two rounds I had it scored two rounds apiece.

A big right and left hurt Johnson late in the fifth and Cloud jumped all over him. Cloud landed another solid late in the round and had hurt Johnson again.

This was a crazy moment for me because personally I didn’t think Johnson could be hurt. In typical Johnson fashion he was in his corner smiling and pumping his fist.

This was a telling moment in the fight because we found out Johnson could be hurt. Cloud jumped all over Johnson in the sixth again and had him covering up.

Johnson for the first time in a long time, maybe ever, looked to be soft and tiring out a little in the middle rounds. Cloud hurt Johnson again in the eighth but Johnson came right back.

Johnson came back in a big way in the ninth round throwing over 100 punches and took the round. After nine rounds I had Johnson leading by one.

At this point it was coming down to Johnson’s volume punching against Cloud’s power punching. He wasn’t moving his hands and was losing rounds due to inactivity.

After winning rounds 10 and 11 Cloud went into the final round with a one round lead. The fight was disappointing action wise but it was still a very good scrap.

Cloud won round 12 and all but sealed up the fight on my scorecard. Cloud won the fight with three scores of 116-112.

It was a gutsy performance and one that he should learn a lot from. This is a fight that will truly make him better.

Where he should go from here is a good guess. A rematch is a good option but one Cloud may not want to take.

Some trash talking after the fight may lead to a rematch. I wouldn’t mind to see a rematch.

Although this wasn’t a Fight of The Year candidate it was still a good fight and one that was a true throwback.