Brett Favre Sexts and Jenn Sterger Rumor Just Another Case of Bad Media

Kevin RobertsSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2010

We don't need to make this bigger than it is. In fact, I feel half-ashamed that I'm even touching on this topic. However, more shaming is the fact that this kind of filth exists and that I feel I have to act on it.

Brett Favre is not a saint. He's human, just like anyone else. In fact, his early days with the Green Bay Packers sparked many a rumor that he was a wild child, loved his booze, and was quite popular with the ladies.

And that was while he had his now-wife, Deanna, hanging on his arm.

But that was years ago. Favre was young, stupid, and had the entire world bending at his every beck and call.

Not that anything has really changed since then, but the most recent allegations are simply ludicrous...and that's putting it lightly.

The story: Jenn Sterger, a model/actress/sleazy journalist, was in contact (at least to a certain degree) with a rumor spinner, and told him that Favre sent her text and picture messages of his, er, "little Favre" while a member of the New York Jets in 2008.

Sterger apparently went on to say how she received "creepy" messages and texts from Favre, and that she wanted nothing to do with him because he was old and married.

Well, high five for standing up for what you believed in, Sterger. I mean, at least you stopped at simply playing a hand in tearing down a guy's reputation.

As if everyone else in the media hadn't been trying that the entire past week due to other texts that Favre may or may not have sent regarding his retirement.

So, you've got the bulk of the "story." Now here's where it gets juicy.

This story broke on Deadspin, perennial rumor mill and Favre-hating site. (Sorry, Deadspin, no link for you.)

This site not only ran a "story" with little credibility or evidence during a time that was so blatantly obviously taking advantage of Favre (as he was tops in the news), but they also never even received full consent from Sterger to go ahead with the story.

So, Sterger kept quiet, and I'm sure she got helped out in Deadspin's own way of rewarding people who are sources (but aren't sources? hmm).

In any case, she at least got a nice dose of that elusive fame she's been chasing for, well, what seems like forever now.

But it didn't stop there. To help make the story credible, instead of, oh, I don't know, providing text messages, voice mails, or pictures of what Favre supposedly did, the site turns up some quotes from a friend of Sterger's.

Really? This is what you've got going on for this thing? That's pathetic.

The Truth.

So, what have we learned? Quick recap:

Jenn Sterger is a media whore, her friend doesn't help the story, and Deadspin is run by a bunch of schmucks.

In response to running the article, the site owner said "this is what we do." So, just so we can all remember for the next time we're searching for a big news story, Deadspin is all about publishing stories without the consent of their sources, bashing stand-up celebrities, and taking advantage of anyone in any way they possibly can.

Ah, maybe that's not what they meant by saying "this is what we do," but that was the picture I got.

Let's hope this "story" dies down as quickly as possible, so we can focus on the real story that will be on your front porch in less than two full weeks. And that's that you can expect Brett Favre back under center for the Minnesota Vikings in 2010.

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