Will Bret Hart Turn On His Summerslam Team? My Answer Is Yes.

Chris PolsonContributor IAugust 7, 2010


This is my first foray into article writing, so go easy on me. 


Everybody has their theories about who may or may not turn on Cena’s team at SummerSlam, but one thing is for sure:  everyone thinks at least one of the members is turning against the rest.


First of all, I’m going on the assumption that this lumberjack match on RAW this coming week is meant to bring Edge and Jericho back to team Cena and at least make it look like they’re all on the same page going into the Pay Per View.


I think having Edge and Jericho “making up” was a way to get ready and further the storylines after SummerSlam.  Morrison, Truth, and Khali are over enough with the fans that they probably aren’t turning heel (for now anyway).  I personally think they’re all on the team to job to Nexus, because there’s no way guys like Triple H, Orton, or HBK and Batista (if they were still around) would do it.


And as much as we would all love to see it, Cena ain’t turning heel and joining Nexus.  So that leaves only one other option, and it brings me back to the title of my article:  Bret Hart will turn on his team at SummerSlam and join the Nexus.


People might ask what his motivation may be.  It could be that Vince fired him as GM without letting him recover from his limo attack.  Or maybe he’s still angry at Vince about Montreal and found a way to finally get back at him. (If you think its been too long to still be angry, listen to the shows in Canada when Vince is there or even a couple of years ago when HBK was there.  They hold grudges forever it seems.)


If you're thinking "why would he be their leader after they attacked him?"  Why did Eric Bischoff still join the NWO after Kevin Nash power-bombed him through a table?  I'm sure his motivation will be revealed one way or another.


No, I do not think Bret is still the GM.  Maybe the GM will be revealed at SummerSlam or maybe not.  I do, however, think that Bret and whoever the GM might be are working together.


Most people (including myself) think that Nexus will win at the PPV.  I expect it to come down to Bret and Cena vs. Wade Barrett, with Bret turning on Cena with either a low blow from Bret followed by Barrett's finisher or maybe a sharpshooter followed by Barrett's finisher.  This will lead to the GM revealing himself/herself either the next night on RAW or maybe on August 30th, which is the 900th episode of the Monday night flagship show.  I'm half expecting Michael Cole to be the GM, half expecting someone totally unexpected.  Just listen to Cole the past few weeks on RAW and NXT if you don't think he's making a full- fledged heel turn.


I also expect this feud to continue at least until Survivor Series with the GM being the mouthpiece and Bret being the manager/mentor for Nexus.  There could very well be various face/heel turns as well and depending on who defects to where, it could ultimately decide who Triple H will side with when he returns.


The only thing that is certain is there should be some fireworks over the next few weeks and months on RAW.  But this is just one man's opinion, what's yours?  Hope everyone enjoys the article.