Rafael Nadal To Be Number One In The World

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2008

The computers are finally catching up to what tennis fans have known for some time. 

The Spaniard, Rafael Nadal, is the best tennis player on the face of the Earth.  After a mere three years, Roger Federer will be stepping down to the number two spot if Rafa can win the US Open warm-up tournament they've both entered. This has been viewed as inevitable after Rafa pushed the "King of Grass" to five sets in last year's Wimbledon. Rafa has done what Roger has not: adapted his game to all three court styles. 

While Roger was dominating two of the three court styles a year, Rafa was working his game to best suit whatever he was playing on. We all know the sheer brilliance with which this man plays at the French Open, but he's been working his way up to the top of the mountain. He's pushed Roger in the Wimbledon final last year and finally broke through and won the greatest Wimbledon final ever.

While he's struggled in the US Open and Australian Open, before watching him in these warm-up tournaments, you have to wonder who's going to touch him. If he can improve his game a little more on the hard courts he may have an even better run of dominance than Roger had in winning everything but the French.

In fact, if he can capture the upcoming US Open title, he may have himself a Rafa Slam and just keep winning.  It would seem as though Nadal is set to have this number one ranking for quite some time.