NFL Girls Gone Crazy!

John MatheosContributor IIAugust 7, 2010

NFL Girls Gone Crazy!

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    Yes, the football world has been dominated by the male species for many decades. But the times are changing and women are becoming more familiar with this spectacular sport.

    The female fans of today have elevated the game. Especially when they attend the games. With that said, here are the sexiest female fans of the National Football League.

10. Buffalo Bills

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    Listen, before you start to say, "why Buffalo girls?" I went to a few Buffalo games in 2009 and realized, when these females insert a few drinks in them, they get loud and extremely expressive.

9. New England Patriots

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    New England women definitely have "Patriot Power." Ever since the discovery of Tom Brady, the females in New England have rushed their way to the stadium.

    Honestly, I don't think anyone has a problem with that.

8. Green Bay Packers

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    You got to love the pack. Considering these fine females had their bikini game going on in the middle of the winter makes me feel warm.

    It truly defines the nickname that Green Bay Packer fans receive ("Cheese Heads").

7. New Orleans Saints

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    New Orleans definitely has a strong female base. This city waits for any excuse to party. Being lucky enough, I got the chance to be in New Orleans during the Super Bowlboy, oh boy, you got to love them female Saints fans.

6. Dallas Cowboys

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    Come on now, I had to add her in there. Every time I look at this picture, I start to laugh because I remember the comments that were thrown towards her during that brutal beating the Eagles gave the Cowboys.

    By the way, she was a fan for this game, so it counts!

5. New York Jets

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    Female football fans in New York have a vicious bite to them. If you're from an opposing team, you better make your way to the exit.

    I've heard that the girls in New York bring the pain!

4. Baltimore Ravens

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    I was debating if she was a true fan, but because she's holding the Ravens flag, I have no choice but to include her in the reel. Furthermore, I don't think any guys would argue the point.

3. Miami Dolphins

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    I've lived in Miami for two years and I've noticed one thing: women love women. When I went in 2004 to Pro Player Stadium, I noticed that some girls weren't afraid to explore girls.

    Gosh, I really thank them for providing us with some great entertainment in Miami because Ray Lucas couldn't throw the ball.

2. Phliadelphia Eagles

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    Crazy people live in Philadelphia. I would actually say that this city is probably one of the most passionate when it comes to sports.

    I went to watch a game in Philly in 2007. It was early December, and they were playing the Carolina Panthers on a Monday night. I've never seen so many crazy, devoted females scream and party at a NFL game.

1. Cincinatti Bengals

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    I'm sorry, guysthis pick doesn't need any mediocre commentary.