What Is Wrestling Coming To With Kissing Contests In The Ring?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IAugust 7, 2010

Hey wrestling fans, i have a question to ask. What is on syfy at 10 o'clock pm on Tuesday nights? I know it's a strange question, but please, just bare with me.

I was watching NXT and for some strange reason, there were rookies in the ring along with LayCool.

As usual, they were talking about...NOTHING!!! Their lips were moving and as usual it was more babbling than anything.

Laycool had the rookies in a contest, to find out who was the best kisser. They were under the assumption they were going to get their "kiss on" with Michelle and Layla.

Those two don't ever make any sense but do whatever they want without any regrets to anyone else's feelings.

Anyway, Laycool or Coollay (as I like to call them) had a chubby woman named Marguerita come out. She had a zit by her mouth and some other substance on her face.

The rookies weren't exactly what you call "happy". First of all, this is suppose to be wrestling, not a kissing contest.

What does that have to do with the rookies or with wrestling. I didn't know it was necessary for the rookies to know how to kiss in order to be a break out star.

Laycool should be more worried about that title belt that Layla wears around her waist. As far as Teddy Long is concerned, just Layla should have the belt, alone and not shared.

Whats going to happen when McCool has to give up hers? Well as of tonight, Laycool solved that problem when they pulled the belt between the two of them and broke it in half. There still is one women's champion, in all aspects, even though they both each have half.

Again I ask the WWE Universe, What the hell does a kissing contest have to do with wrestling? Am I missing something? UGHHH!