Thinking the Possibilities: What Do the Browns Do If?

Shane Quinn Contributor IINovember 1, 2016

Thinking the Possibilities: What Do the Browns Do If?

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    The Browns have been mired forever in quarterback controversies since the return and they mostly have been horrible for the team, and in no way is good for the team. This year is another alarming possibility for the quarterback situation for the Browns. What if Delhomme struggles, and can't find his pro-bowl form, or Wallace turns out to be a terrible backup. This is where the replacements may possibly come in.

Sage Rosenfels

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    Rosenfels is a good experienced veteran who for the most part, had little chances to start, but did start for the injured Schaub in Texas. He is a fine game manager, controls the clock, and gets the first down when needed. He was expected to start for Minnesota until Favre came.

Tavaris Jackson

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    Jackson is a faster, younger version of Wallace, but has less experience. He struggled mightily in the early part of 2008, and got red hot in late 2008, and struggled once again in a playoff match with Philadelphia. If the Browns want to go younger, he would be a fine choice considered his experience with Favre in Minnesota.

Todd Collins

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    An experienced veteran who's seen much more playing time than Rosenfels and Jackson. He performed admirably in Washington, and even posted once a 106 passer rating during his tenure in Washington. If the Browns need a good veteran to start, this would the guy.

Kerry Collins

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    An another veteran who is also experienced, and has had major playing time with the Giants and the Titans. With the Giants, he posted average numbers, and with the Titans, he had 12 touchdowns to 7 interceptions during his starting year in 2008. I really don't think he is a great option, to be truthful. His career shows he has been markedly average for the most part.

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Matt Hasselbeck has been proven to be a good starter in the NFL, and is effective. He posted average numbers over the past years, but that was due to injuries and most of the team he was playing on. He did post career numbers, in 2004, 2005, and 2007. The Browns might actually have to trade for him, because he is still on the Seahawks as I speak.


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    Overall, I hope and pray that Delhomme works out for my Browns, and to be honest,  the Browns don't need a Manning or a Brees, all they need is a competent quarterback that gets the job done. If Delhomme is just markedly average, I'll take that, because quite frankly, the quarterbacks on the team the past few years have been nothing short of lousy, except for the one hit wonder year that Anderson posted in 2007. These players are all proven, and reliable, and if Delhomme gets injured or Wallace isn't capable enough to play the starter, then I think these guys would or should be of consideration.