Why Believe In TNA Wrestling When They Don't Believe in Themselves?

Quinn GammonCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2010

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You see that face? That's the face of the President of TNA Wrestling.

Dixie Carter. Who is she again? I'll give you a few minutes to "Google" her because trust me, you won't find anything noteworthy in her professional wrestling background check.

Dixie Carter is a spoiled brat with rich parents, occupying space in a grown woman's body. Dixie Carter is the know-nothing business woman who thinks she understands professional wrestling because she used her daddy's money to save TNA from folding before it got off the ground back in 2002.

She's the same "wrestling promoter" who lashes out at the in-ring talent in response to her failing ratings and consistently small fanbase. The same "promoter" who considers a tenth of a point gain in the Nielsen ratings a success.

Getting the point here?

If you want an impartial article that will talk about TNA having a fighting chance, go read something else. This is my time and my piece. And I'm done saying nice things about TNA Wrestling.

Dixie Carter is a twit. Plain and simple. No sugar-coating, no beating around the bush. She's a know-nothing twit who has no idea what she's doing and that fact becomes apparent with each passing week.

What does Dixie Carter know about wrestling? She has a roster sporting impressive young talents like Desmond Wolf and D'Angelo Dinero and veteran TNA homegrowns like AJ Styles, the man who topped the PWI 500 this year for the first time ever.

But she'd rather give her airtime to Jeff "I didn't sell that cocaine" Hardy and Rob Van Dam and promote the hell out every single ex-WWE star she can get her hands on. A prime example:

AJ Styles wins the TNA World Heavyweight Title and spends months building its prestige and value. Why? So Rob Van Dam can join the company, have a cup of coffee and win it from him on free TV with no build up, for no reason other than the fact that he's RVD.

It's that kind of booking that drove me away from the product last year, when I finally made an honest attempt to become a fan. And guess who the head booker is?

Vince Russo.

The guy who singled handedly drove the final nails into WCW's coffin. The guy who was a total mark for a "___ on a pole" match. I shouldn't have to go into detail about why this man is the worst booker in the history of bookers because that information is easy enough to research.

The combination of Russo's booking and Dixie Carter's leadership has effectively doomed TNA Wrestling. Gone are the days when the X Division was highlighted for its innovation and the six sided ring stood as one of the few truly unique things in pro wrestling.

Rather than focus on trying to up their failing Pay-Per-View buyrates and miserable TV ratings, Dixie Carter would rather attempt yet another revival of ECW. As ECW Original Mikey Whipwreck so boldly stated:

"I'm happy for guys that are doing it but it's nice to see the little bingo hall company everyone 'blew off' back in the days as 'insignificant' is called upon every time business is in the toilet."

And therein lies the problem: Dixie Carter not only has no idea what she's doing, she also has absolutely no confidence in her own creative writing staff or wrestlers.

You have AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and a plethora of amazing talent on your roster but you'd rather call in Tommy Dreamer and Sandman and Simon Diamond and the rest of the middle aged, past their prime ECW squad to call the shots and draw your house?

What makes anyone think that Hulk "Gimme the Spotlight, Brother" Hogan will be okay with getting his balding head caned in? Come to think of it, who wants to see The Sandman stumble his way through an entrance that takes longer than most of his matches?

I loved ECW as much as any other educated fan but facts are facts and the only reason these guys got over in ECW was because of the blood thirsty style of wrestling and the ability to use hardcore tactics to make up for a lack of basic wrestling ability.

Anyone who has watched guys like Tommy Dreamer and Sandman knows that most of the ECW guys couldn't wrestle very well. In the case of guys like Shane Douglas, some could wrestle well but didn't draw a dime anywhere else except for ECW.

Dixie Carter, in her infinite wrestling wisdom, has more or less placed the fate of her company in the hands of these guys. Guys that can't move well, have long since outlived their "shine", and are probably there just to collect a paycheck.

Dixie Carter is such a knowledgeable leader, she's placed her company in the hands of guys bearing a gimmick that is trademarked by Vince McMahon. She shows ECW signs in the crowd. Guess what Dixie? Those three letters are owned by Vince McMahon.

You're going to "save" your company with something that's not only owned by your competition, but your competition deemed no longer worthy of airtime? That's your master plan?

I hate to say I told ya so but...

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