Nebraska Trivia Thursday

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2008

You don't really expect to find traces of Nebraska football fandom on the coast of Maine but a couple of weeks ago that's exactly what happened to me. Somewhere between Acadia National Park and Young's Lobster Pound in Belfast, Maine, we stopped off at a giant barn that used to house chickens but now holds thousands and thousands of used books.

Finding the football shelf, I began picking my way through the titles. I started collecting dirt on conference rivals (Bootlegger's Boy, Meat on the Hoof) then moved on to dirt on the game of college football as a whole (The Hundred Yard Lie) before arriving at a slim paperback called Nebraska Football Trivia by former Nebraska sportswriter Paul Hammel.

That's a pretty sedate title for what might be the most diabolical book ever written.

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