Does it Help?

AlexAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

Sometimes it’s better to just not make a move rather than make a move just to make a move. The Twins did no roster shuffling before the deadline to add a bat. They could have probably gotten Jose Castillo, but would he really help? Adrian Beltre would have been nice, but not for Perkins, Slowey, Baker, Blackburn or Span.

There will still be time in August to add someone like Castillo if the Twins really want that, so it’s not a big deal that they didn’t make the move on this ‘big day‘.

Lets take a look at this scenario in which a division rival makes a trade:

A division team, going for the playoffs along with the Twins adds Player A. This player is hitting .266 with 14 homeruns and 54 runs batted in. Does this player really worry you? The move means that a similar player now turns into a platoon player with a slumping slugger.

At the last minute the team decides to trade for Player B instead. This player is hitting .245 with 15 homeruns and 53 runs batted in. This player is also a liability on defense and again it means that a player with similar stats now platoons with a slumping slugger. Does this worry you?

If you answered no to being worried that the trade for Player A will put the team over the hump and ahead of the Twins, then you don’t think Jason Kubel would help the White Sox enough to make them the favorite for the division.

Kubel has better numbers that Player B, who just so happens to be Ken Griffey Jr. Should we be any more worried that the Sox have added Griffey just because he brings 600 plus homeruns and a Hall of Fame résumé? The answer is no. Jason Kubel has put up just as good, if not better numbers and if he wouldn’t worry you on the White Sox, why should Griffey?