Brett Favre Jenn Sterger vs. Joe Namath/Suzy Kolber: Failed Jets' Scores

Brad GoldbachCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2010

Brett Favre Jenn Sterger vs. Joe Namath/Suzy Kolber: Failed Jets' Scores

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    Stop me if you've heard this before: Former Jets quarterback gets caught trying to flirt with attractive sideline reporter and fails miserably.

    When news broke that Brett Favre tried to seduce former New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger by sending her lewd cell phone pictures, one thing came to mind: Joe Namath drunkenly trying to hit on Suzy Kolber during a halftime interview.

    Both were cringe-worthy and hilarious moments.

    Two larger than life Jets quarterbacks trying to relive their glory days by going for one last score, and it ended in complete failure.

    So, let's go to the tape. How do these two classic moments stack up against one another?

The QBs, Past Their Prime

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    Let's take a look at the players in question: Brett Favre vs. Broadway Joe.

    Brett Favre: Formerly played with the Falcons, Packers, Jets, and is the former/current Vikings quarterback.

    Favre apparently made more than one comeback attempt when he went to New York to continue his football career.

    Favre showed that he still has some gas left in the tank on the football field. You would have to ask Sterger if he still has some left in the "tank" off the football field.

    Favre is known for not being able to let go and is constantly indecisive in his retirement decisions. He went after Sterger to prove he still has "it."

    Either that, or he was trying to keep his Ironman streak alive.

    Joe Namath: Former Jets and Rams QB.

    Namath is best known for his Super Bowl III win with the Jets that brought the AFL and NFL together.

    Before that game, Namath made his famous guarantee that the Jets would win.

    He was larger than life, with his personality and his mink coats on the sidelines.

    If he could guarantee football outcomes, he certainly could guarantee his success with the ladies.

    Or so they thought.

The Targets: Not WRs, The Ladies (Jenn Sterger)

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    Now we will take a look at the two ladies in question.

    Up first, Jenn Sterger, Brett Favre's intended target.

    Sterger rose to fame when a photographer caught a picture of her on the sidelines at an FSU game. She was an FSU student.

    Sterger was known as one of the FSU "Cowgirls" for their attractive looks and cowboy hats.

    Soon became highly popular on the Internet. You can probably figure out why.

    Sterger turned her fame and assets into a career as a model and as a sideline reporter with the Jets.

    Favre thought his reputation as a gunslinger was a perfect match for this former Cowgirl.

The Targets: Not WRs, The Ladies (Suzy Kolber)

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    Up next is Namath's intended target, Suzy Kolber.

    Kolber is a reporter for ESPN.

    She started out as an original reporter for ESPN2 in 1993. She left the network, only to return in 1999.

    Unlike Sterger, Kolber rose to her role as a sideline reporter because of her journalistic background.

    Kolber called games, Namath predicted them. But no one could have predicted this hilarious encounter.

    Kolber came off as a professional. Namath, well, you know how professional drunk frat guys look when approaching the ladies.

The Methods: Cell Phone Vs. Alcohol

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    Favre's method of delivery: Cell phone.

    Favre tried to show that he was still hip and cool by allegedly sending Sterger pics of his "gunslinger" via cell phone.

    When you analyze the situation, there appears to be more to Favre's indecisiveness than just his football career.

    Favre's thought process:

    Should I approach Jenn or not? I'll just announce my decision slyly with a cell phone text.

    Wait, but I can still play! I can make any throw with my "arm," no matter how much of a long shot it seems. 

    On second thought, maybe I should just throw a quick screen(shot) and see if the holes open up.

    Joe Namath's method of delivery: The bottle.

    Namath did things the old fashioned way by boozing up before approaching the ladies.

    He had the balls to guarantee that the AFL Jets would win the Super Bowl, so hitting on Kolber on national TV was nothing to Joe.

    Kolber asked him what he thought of the Jets' struggles during the 2003 season.

    Naturally, he responded with, "I wanna kiss you."

    At least you can say Joe's not the indecisive one.

Why They Failed

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    Why Favre failed: He didn't stick to his guns.

    He became a star player because he went for every opportunity, all out, and went for every single play.

    I'm sorry, Brett, but sending a cell phone pic is not going for the big play.

    Your indecisiveness is annoying to fans, and apparently annoying to Jenn, too.

    You can't land a "Cowgirl" without proving that you are a true gunslinger.

    Why Namath failed: He turned to alcohol instead of being sure in his convictions.

    Namath had balls to make that guarantee back in the day. He just went for it.

    Yes, he certainly did just go for it with Kolber, but you can't guarantee anything when you are that drunk.

    A guy known as Broadway Joe doesn't need to get as drunk as a frat boy to come through on his guarantees.

    Kolber tried to play it off by saying, "Thanks Joe! I'll take that as a huge compliment."

    Joe gave away his inner frat boy by yelling "YEAH!" in the background.

Scoring the Winner

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    The winner is obviously, you, the viewer.

    Not only did you get to see two famous quarterbacks make a fool of themselves, but you saw that even a Super Bowl champ can fumble when making a play on the ladies.

    So, guys, next time you decide to land a lady by showing off your "gun," remember that even the NFL's most daring gunslinger couldn't pull it off.

    And, if you're ever thinking of getting blitzed as a means of landing women, or worse going on camera, remember that one of the NFL's coolest guys got sacked with the drunk lights shining on him.

    And athletes, aren't you supposed to land the ladies just because, well, you are a famous athlete?

    You shouldn't need to flash cell phone pics or drink lots of booze.

    Thanks for the laughs, though.