Pro Wrestling Wasteland Overfill: WWE and TNA, Please Start Recycling

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 6, 2010

Pro wrestling has a huge problem on its hands as their landfill of so called, “useless garbage" (talent) is starting to overfill…and it’s starting to show!

In pro wrestling, like any other competition or emulous environment the best will succeed, the decent will only get a taste of success, and the fat of the so-called, “perfect body” to success will be cut.

Yes, pro wrestling is “fiction” as non-fans like to say, but just like “real” sports it is a dog-eat-dog world.

If you don’t have the looks, charisma, athletic abilities, and or microphone skills, you can kiss good bye to your wrestling dreams. Well in less you got it in really good with the corporate.

But what if some of the talent being let go is actually a diamond in the rough that has not yet been able to shine. As a diamond in the rough all you need is something or someone to clean you off (brush the dirt off) and shine you up…then you will be sparkling non-stop.

But there are those occasions were the owner of a certain item that they had for a long time were they saw potential and then lost that site.

After time after time of trying to repair and bring back that potential, the owner finally just throws up their hands and throws out that item (talent). Even though it still has enough kick in it to do something special.

Over the years, pro wrestling fans have yelled at the top corporations to listen and use what the fans want to see. But it seems like they are looking back and saying, “What do they know; they are just fans!” Yeah it sounds crazy, but it might be true...very true at that.

Shelton Benjamin is one of the last great talents to suffer this ugly trend. Shelton Benjamin showed awesome potential from debut to finish.

But WWE had their Stevie Ray shades on as they were not able to see that full potential. But I will stop right there as someone else beat me to the punch but did a great job doing so click here.

Now to continue on with this whole waste thing:

First let’s begin with the biggest pro wrestling company out there, WWE. Now WWE has had the biggest problem of letting go talent that would be a tremendous help to the roster.

Now all of a sudden WWE is all about building talent.

You want to know why they are all about building new talent; because they realized that the top guys can’t perform forever and they let go a handful (and that hand is huge) of potential talent go. When instead they could have used a crop of talent they had already had.

The lack of talent has been hurting the WWE as feuds have become, “been-there-seen-that”. Also an annual event was becoming pointless as the annual draft was basically not needed any more.

Yes every year the WWE says they are shaking things up but it is usually the same talents going back in forth basically recreating feuds and match ups we have already seen… unless it is with a new roster member.

But unless that “rookie” is receiving a push, WWE will not set up that type of matchup between a main eventer and a rookie. Well if it’s a jobbing duty then they will do so, but otherwise no.

Yes everyone currently loves the “Nexus” idea/storyline but let me ask you this: What will happen once the storyline is done?

Yes Wade Barrett is having rave reviews and will eventually get a title shot but what will happen to the other guys?

Darren Young; David Otunga; Heath Slater; Justin Gabriel; Michael Tarver; and Skip Sheffield are looking to be left in the dust of success of Barrett.

Right now this whole Nexus concept looks like an angle to build up Barrett and Barrett only. Leaving the rest of the Nexus stuck in a bad position which will lead them to two directions: fail or fight for your right to stay.

Otherwise, it doesn’t look too good for some of those Nexus members, as they also can add their names to the WWE wasteland pit!

Will WWE finally start using their young talents and push them over to the top to fill the voids, or will they continue the same trend? Only time will tell!

Now with TNA, it is a different story:

TNA instead of using their talent which got them to where they are now; they push them to the side or off the roster to make room for more household names.

Did they not learn from the pro wrestling history, where the once upon a time, dominant WCW failed and collapsed to the pits of darkness. If they did, they did not study hard enough and received an F on their test.

As TNA does not have as big pocket books as the great WWE, they have to sacrifice great talent to make room…as they feel this will bring in more ratings!

Which I disagree as TNA is not that well known, but if you ask them they think they are. If you ask a young fan who their favorite wrestlers are, they probably won’t name a TNA wrestler. They will probably say Cena, Cena, Cena, Cena, and Cena (laughs).

Now instead of showcasing their young great talent, they are taking another page from WWE’s book and doing another “ONE NIGHT STAND” for ECW.

Okay that might help a bit, but in the long term no. So get as much as you can from it like WWE did, because it won’t last.

If anything this will be the downfall to TNA as they do not know how to market themselves. To some there is one and one only major wrestling company and that is WWE. But TNA does not realize this.

So instead of trying to put their names out there and highlight their great talent, they showcase guys who have been to the top before. Don’t be surprised if you hear R.I.P. to TNA soon!