What is Your Favorite go to Fly When Nothing is Working??

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What is Your Favorite go to Fly When Nothing is Working??
Here is the situation that I have encountered on this remote river, which I have never fished before. I walk up to the edge of the bank and notice there is no hatch, low water and nothing rising. I do see some great seams and some pocket water but with no activity. Am I over stating the situation here or could this be any cold water river or stream in the U.S. at any given time of the year.
  So with fly box in hand what flies would I tie on to get a take? Should I start out with a dry or a dry with a dropper, or a nymph, or even a double nymph?? When the average fly fisherman, notice I said “AVERAGE” and that is what I consider myself when confronted with this type situation what are the must flies he should have in his box to get a take?
  I realize that on certain rivers or streams and in certain areas of the country that there are different hatches, changing water conditions, and different climate changes. I am sure all of use have encountered this situation at different times of the day on our favorite river or stream, and I know that we all have our go to fly that we always try to get that hit with. They may be a variety of dries or nymphs or even some go to streamers. So what are the most reliable at anytime of the year, or is there such a fly? I am just wandering sitting here with my laptop today with the temps outside at 103 and the heat index at 109.

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