Omar Minaya To Return In 2011

Craig MillerContributor IAugust 5, 2010

Earlier today, Mets Owner Fred Wilpon stated that Omar Minaya, the General Manager of the New York Mets, will "remain general manager beyond this season."  Obviously, this is not news many Mets fans want to hear, as Minaya has been blamed due to the lack of success his ballclub has had since he arrived in 2004, despite having one of the highest payrolls in all of Major League Baseball. 

His team has made one postseason appearance in 2006, where his prize free agent signing, Carlos Beltran, struck out looking in game 7 of the NLCS to end the Mets run to the World Series.  Before the upsetting NLCS loss in 2006, Minaya also traded for Oliver Perez, who at the time seemed like a decent pick-up for the team, earning Perez a 3 year, $36 million dollar contract in early 2009. However, fast-forward to 2010, where Perez is rotting away in the bullpen, wasting a roster spot, and is seldom used, if at all. 

While Minaya has had some success with free-agent signings, such as Johan Santana, and most recently R.A Dickey, he is often criticized for outspending and giving away prospects for players on the decline. In the case of Billy Wagner, whom Omar Minaya signed, Wagner cost the team $43 million dollars over 4 years, having back spasms in 2007, surgery the following year, and missing out the entire 2009 season where he cost the Mets $10.5 million dollars in payroll.  Wagner, ironically, would sign with the division rivals the Atlanta Braves for 2010, where he so far has had a successful year.  Another example of Minaya's outspending comes at the expense of the Mets current Second Baseman, Luis Castillo.  Acquired in 2007 by the Mets for prospects, the former NL All-Star in 2005 Castillo performed well with a .301 average, 38 RBIs and 19 stolen bases, which earned the then 30 year old second baseman a 4 year, $25 million dollar contract.  Again, fast forward to 2010, Luis "dropped the pop-up" Castillo, as he is known by the fans, is hitting a mere .249 with 15 RBIs and an anemic .290 slugging percentage.  Recently, the Mets were thought to have found a suitor for Castillo in the Chicago Cubs, however, the Cubs balked at the idea of taking on the contract that Omar Minaya was responsible for.  Omar Minaya's most recent big name signing in Jason Bay has also been a failure as well.  Bay, who was expected to be a huge power hitter, is hitting a paultry .259, with only 6 home runs and 47 RBIs; not the type of money you'd expect from a man who was signed for 4 years and $66 million dollars.  It is also worth noting that with his recent concussion, Jason Bay could be out for the year, as Mike Francesa reported earlier today on WFAN.

Omar Minaya does deserve some credit with the signings of Johan Santana and R.A Dickey, however, in a season that seems to be floundering more and more each day, the negatives clearly outweigh the positives and it begs the question:  Do you really want Omar Minaya as your GM come 2011?