Somewhere Out There: Bryan Danielson's Hopes Of a WWE Return

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIAugust 5, 2010

If you ask me, Bryan Danielson is clearly the best wrestler in the world. While PWI gave the nod to AJ Styles this year, who is an excellent performer in his own right, I've always felt that Danielson was the best. Some may agree, others may disagree. We all have our opinions

We all know the story about Danielson: he was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment for his actions during the NXT Invasion of RAW. Danielson was clearly the star of the brawl, as he choked out Justin Roberts, spit in the face of John Cena, and then kicked him in the skull.

The incident has since been dubbed, Tiegate by WWE fans across the world.

Danielson's 90 day no-compete clause will be up in a little over a month; he is still surfing the Indy circuit well, and could continue to make a nice living doing so. However, Danielson is clearly a star in the world of professional wrestling.

He simply didn't deserve to be released by the WWE, and even management hated to let him go. It was even said that Danielson would have never been released had there not been a strong outside force that helped the WWE financially, hating upon Bryan's actions.

Rumor has it that Danielson will be brought back to the WWE once the Tiegate Scandal blows over. Speculation among many insiders is that the WWE has already began contacting Danielson about a return to the company.

One source claims that it wouldn't be surprising for Danielson's 90 day no-compete clause to expire, and upon the hour it does, he signs a new WWE contract.

Shawn Michaels, Danielson's original wrestler trainer, was highly upset about the release. Michaels has huge connections within the business, as his best friend is Triple H. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon own the second largest stock in the company, only behind Vince McMahon himself.

Michaels is also good friends with Vinny Mac; they even hung out and watched RAW together in San Antonio, Michaels' hometown. For what it's worth, many within the company feel that HBK has been urging a Danielson return.

This is just a rumor as of now, but Michaels has been a driving force behind many pushes in the WWE over the past few years. He and HHH were behind the Sheamus push, along with the Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger push.

All three are now big time players on their respective brand.

So if that rumor is in any way true, that HBK has been urging a comeback, Danielson's chances to return to the business are quite high. And keep in mind that released talent has gotten a chance to come back.

People such as Goldust, Cryme Tyme, and others were released yet brought back again. CT was simply because of the large following they had; it was one reason why they were on RAW for so long as a matter of fact.

It just goes to show you that talent, if desired enough, will get a chance to come back.

Danielson clearly made a massive splash in the company while he was there. He basically ruled NXT, then made a splash on RAW before Nexus was formed, of which he was the star of that angle.

People such as Jim Ross even questioned the firing.  Danielson still believes he will get a chance to return, and I believe Ross now has the power to bring him in if he so chooses. Well, as long as Vinny Mac is okay with it.

No one is questioning Danielson's desire to work for the WWE however. He has said it in numerous interviews and places: the WWE is his dream job and he wants to be there. While he loves the Indy circuit and what it's done for him, he feels the WWE is where he belongs.

I have to agree with him. While I love seeing him on the Indy side, he truly deserves to be in the WWE, probably more than anyone else currently on the Indy scene.

This is why Danielson never really worked out for TNA, despite offers being given. If he ever went to TNA, it would be a huge surprise. He makes more on the Indy scene than he would in TNA, and he knows as well as anyone that TNA won't use him right.

In my mind the WWE would, and at least they have four shows where he'd get TV time. And looking at his popularity, the WWE would clearly want to make big on it. Especially now when they are trying to push people around his size, rather than the massive, muscle heads like they once did.

All TNA would do is sign him so that the WWE couldn't have him. I truly feel that is how he'd be treated there.

TNA is not a horrible place, but their position on things is somewhat fickle to this writer.

Danielson has blasted TNA in the past somewhat, and while TNA would still love to have him, it would only be a last resort for Danielson.

This is why the WWE most likely let him basically go free on the Indy scene, and as long as he didn't get PPV exposure or something, the WWE was cool with whatever he wanted to do as far as wrestling goes.

The fact that they have treated him so well means that they know they can't have him right now, but they will have him in the future, and he will be big for them. Therefore, there is no reason to burn any bridges.

Danielson has yet to publicly blast the WWE by the way, and most talent upon release—especially one like Danielson's—would usually have something to say.

Yet Danielson has remained calm, cool and collected about he whole thing.

If I had to guess a time table, I'm thinking we could see Danielson by Survivor Series. Danielson will be back in the WWE soon enough, it's just a waiting game for now.


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