The Hottest Fan Outfits In Sports

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2010

The Hottest Fan Outfits In Sports

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    Who doesn't like women in the summer time? For men, it is the few months of the year (at least for those of us in the north) when women finally let their outfits get skimpy and let their goods...ahem...hang out. 

    It is especially nice when we see these scantily clad women enjoying a sporting event. Put the two together and you will find the hottest fan outfits in sports.

USC Female Fan

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    This girl is all over the Internet, but there is no way she couldn't be considered. The cut jersey, the golden boy shorts and the boots? You can't beat that. 

Auburn Stickers

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    War Eag....woops I just spilled my drink! This Auburn fan is showing us that sometimes SEC fans need very little to show their pride and we thank this brave Tigers fan.

Healing Look

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    This Broncos look will surely heal the wounds for Broncos fans reeling from the loss of Elvis Dumervil.

Judd Rocking It

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    Ashley Judd only wearing a hockey sweater. What's not to like? Okay...Ashley Judd in only a Kentucky hoops jersey would be better, but who are we to complain?

All Right Oregon!

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    I'm a sucker for the female jersey and the boy shorts combo. This Oregon Duck definitely delivers.

Alabama Slammer

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    Now that's a picture worth a national championship! Thanks, 'Bama.

OK State Oh Yeah

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    This Cowgirl shows that even a simple bikini with a well-placed logo is enough to land you among the hottest fan outfits.

Hook 'Em, Elisha

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    I'm sure the Longhorns logo is superimposed on this famous picture of Elisha Cuthbert, but who are we to care? Let's just pretend the 24 star is a Texas fan and roll with it.

Big Blue Bombshell

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    The New York Giants need to regain their mojo for the 2010 season. This particular fan of Big Blue certainly helps.

The Other Big Three

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    The Miami Heat signed their "Big Three" to put on the floor in the game. But this trio may be worthy of their own welcoming party.

Powder Blue Power

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    Powder Blue has never look so good as it does on Kendra Wilkinson. The small boy shorts and the knee highs...that works.

Putting The OO In Sooners

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    The most infamous shot of any Oklahoma fans out there. We thank you rogue photographer.

World Cup Waterfight

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    The World Cup brought about all kind of local events. One was a beach soccer game with hot women painted in their respective team jerseys. That was until they got into a welcomed water fight.

Benson`s Bikini

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    Anna Benson was the praying mantis of baseball WAGs, but that doesn't mean we like her any less after she simply threw an Orioles cap onto a sexy baseball bikini.

Sterger Saddles Up

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    Ahh the famous Jenn Sterger. Her painted on tank tops and traditional cowboy hat without a doubt land her on the list.

America The Beautiful

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    One of the sexiest examples of patriotism from this summer's World Cup...we salute you!

No. 48 Is a 10

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    Not sure this jersey is even real, but this blond bombshell can tackle me any day.

Look Good In Pinstripes

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    Scouring for the sexiest Yankee fan was more difficult than expected, but we've got the winner here.

Marissa Miller

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    It's a fairly conservative look for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover girl, but Marissa Miller looks good in ANYTHING.

And Then There Is...

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    ...the now famous Larissa Riquelme, who took the World Cup by storm by turning the Paraguayan flag into the sexiest piece of clothing in South Africa.