AJ Styles Talks Hardy, RVD, Monday Night Wars, and More

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2010

Recently there has been a ton of TNA talk. Unfortunately, it hasn't been the most positive talk in the world.

The first blow of bad news came with the suspension of Samoa Joe. It raised a lot questions amongst the fans in regards to TNA's decision-making.

The rumblings would only get worse after AJ Styles did an interview on the Pro Torch blog. During this interview he would question many of TNA's recent decisions. I only pulled a couple of quotes because I think it's important for everyone to check the whole thing out.

He said some very interesting things during this interview that will raise some eyebrows. I will throw in my opinion on just a few things he said. Needless to say, this is a good debate starter that should be a lot of fun to talk about.


AJ on RVD becoming the champ

"I definitely didn't understand it. For the life of me, I couldn't figure it. I was very surprised that they would want me to lose that title after holding it for so long, and to somebody who hasn't been in wrestling for over a year, and came from WWE to win the World Title so quickly," Styles said.

"And he should have been tired from wrestling a match before that (against Jeff Hardy). I was very conflicted on that. It was like, 'I have no idea what's going on here anymore.' I don't know how to put it in words. I was pissed off—I don't want to say that—but at the same time, I was very confused. 'Okay, I guess I'm not the star that I thought I was here at TNA. I guess I'm just a TNA guy.'"

I can understand AJ's frustration after reading this. He has been the cornerstone for TNA for some time and probably should have been treated with a bit more respect. At the same time it seems that he may have some issues because Van Dam is a former WWE guy.

Putting the belt on Van Dam isn't the worst move in the world. He is a great wrestler that spent years being overlooked. His run so far as champion has been decent, and I think he can do a lot of good for TNA in the future. Maybe he should have gotten the title differently. That doesn't mean he is a bad champion though.


AJ on the Monday night switch

"We never should have switched to Monday nights. We know that now. I wish that we would have just gone live on Thursday nights. The first one we did on Monday nights was huge, but Thursday nights was our night. There's no mistake about it; Monday night is WWE's. It's theirs. We need to own Thursday nights," Styles said.

The way it sounded to me while hearing the interview, is that AJ was against this move from the start, but went along with it.AJ is contradicting himself with these comments. I heard him plenty of times say that he couldn't wait to go to Monday nights and face the WWE on the regular. I'm sure it's possible he could have been toeing the company line at the time.

 Still, it makes him sound like a hypocrite for bashing the decision now. If he felt that it was a bad idea, then he shouldn't have said he was all for it before. He can't have his cake and eat it to. It sounds like he is just venting frustrations and passing the buck.


AJ on talent decisions

Styles continued: "I think there are mistakes that have been done. I don't know if it's necessarily the people we've brought in, but there's stuff where surely they took a step back and thought, 'Okay, maybe we don't need this.' There were some people brought in who I don't think we necessarily needed.

"But, there's Jeff Hardy. He sells so much merchandise; he's making so much money for this company. There are other guys I think who deserved a shot at TNA who are not here that I'm very confused they're not here because I think they could make money."

He may have a valid point in regards to this matter. I am not the biggest Hardy fan in the world. But at the same time he needs to understand that TNA is trying to make money. Hardy is a big draw for them right now. The more money he makes for TNA will only be good for everyone, including AJ.

AJ on the X Division

"We have to have more X Division matches in there," Styles said. "We have to let people see it. If it were up to me, we would have a little more wrestling and less talking. But, I've said that since the beginning."

This I agree 100 percent with. The X division used to be a staple in TNA. Now it is nothing more than a mid-card act to fill in time. I do feel that it will get better with Doug Williams in the mix of things. He is a great talent, and his technical style throws in a new twist for the X Division.

AJ on Hardcore Justice

"It's interesting. I'm anxious to see Jerry Lynn-Rob Van Dam again. There's going to be other matches that are classic ECW. I'm not really bothered with it," Styles said. "It is kind of weird we're having a PPV for those guys, but it's interesting. I think people will buy this PPV to see, 'I wonder what's going to happen.'"

It will be interesting to see what he will have to say if this PPV bombs. He said he was all ready to go when it came to starting a new Monday night war.It than sounded as if changed his tune in this interview. I can't help but wonder if he will do the same in regards to this PPV.


To hear the rest go to PWTorch.com, and you can check out the whole thing on their blog. It is a great eye-opening interview to listen to.

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