Elvis Dumervil: How Long Will the Injured Linebacker Be Out For?

Lewis HughesContributor IIIAugust 5, 2010


A huge blow hit Denver fans on Wednesday as multiple sources have confirmed that Denver Broncos' linebacker Elvis Dumervil has suffered a torn pectoral muscle.

Dumervil, who led the league last year in sacks with 17, left Wednesday's practice holding his right arm. It was later confirmed he'd torn the muscle.

It appears he injured his arm while participating in a one-on-one pass-rush drill with Tyler Polumbus. An injury of this severity usually requires surgery, which the Denver Post is reporting Dumervil will have.

After surgery, Dumervil is expected to take roughly four months to recover from the injury, although if it is discovered to be worse then expected he could miss the entire season. The earliest he could be back is November.

It appears the Broncos will not rush to put Dumervil onto the injured reserve list, and instead will wait to see if he will have any part in their season.

However, it is certain that Dumervil will miss a large part of the Broncos season, if not all of it.

Let's hear your thoughts on the situation.

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