BCS Conferences: Who Has The Most National Championships Of All Time?

BabyTateSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2008

We have great give and take in the Bleacher Report concerning what conference is the best. One way of determining this would be to compare which BCS league has the most National Championships. We will use the league alignments as they are today. 

6— BIG EAST— 7 ( West Va—1, Pittsburgh—6 )

5— ACC—       14 ( Miami—5, Ga.Tech—4, Maryland—2, Fla St.—2, Clemson—1 )

4— PAC10—    16 ( Sou Cal—10, Cal—3, Stanford—1, Washington—1, UCLA—1 )

3— BIG12—     19 ( Oklahoma—7, Nebraska—5, Texas—4, Texas A&M—2, Colorado—1 )

2— SEC—        25  (Alabama—11, Tennessee—4, LSU—3, Florida—2, Ga—2                                              (Arkansas—1, Auburn—1, Ole Miss—1 )

1—BIG10—       27  ( Michigan—7, Minnesota—6, Ohio State—5, Illinois—4                                                        ( Michigan State—3, Penn State—2 )   

This information is drawn from the great debate settler, cfbdatawarehouse.com, which is an unbiased authoritative source concerning recognized national championships, despite how many each school claims to have won.

Mad enough? Think you have an argument? Forget about it. You know which non-BCS league is the all time leader in number of National Championships? The Ivy League. They have 60 recognized College Football National Championships, more than the SEC and Big10 combined. The fact is that Princeton has 24 recognized National Titles which is more than Alabama and Southern Cal combined. Yale has 19, Harvard 10, Penn 4, Cornell 2, and Dartmouth has 1. What place is your league in the championship food chain? 

Sure, there are other ways of determining which league is "the best". But this is one way, and it is an important way. When one views the emphasis conferences and schools place upon how many national titles they've won, we know it is important. And if you have any doubt, look at how the fans of all the schools love to boast about titles.