Roger Huerta Street Fight Video and the Top Athlete Brawls Ever

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 5, 2010

Roger Huerta Street Fight Video and the Top Athlete Brawls Ever

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    Roger Huerta, a lightweight fighter for Bellator, was involved in a street fight in Austin,  TMZ reports. 

    This got me thinking of all the best street fights and bar brawls involving athletes.  Unlike you and me, people are enamored with the athlete.  They want to be near them and many times violate their personal space.  This leads to some less than desirable circumstances.

    Oh, and yes, that is a picture of dream girl Anna Kournikova.  Don't worry, she's brawled before. Trust me.

Ten: Roger Huerta

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    Here is video illustrating the finer points of why you never anger a full-fledged MMAer.  This is an instant classic for a couple reasons.  One, the dude that is completely annihilated allegedly struck a woman, thus instigating Huerta’s rage.  Huerta, like some short little Clark Kent, transforms from tank top guy into shirtless fighter hero. 

    The second part that I love is that you don’t really need to see the fight to appreciate the aftermath.  As you can see, the man that allegedly struck a woman runs away from Huerta, there is a brouhaha, then the camera finds our victim.  He is neatly packaged in a heap on the ground. 

    See the video here!

Nine: Mitch Green Vs. Mike Tyson

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    Mitch Green had no regard for his face.  This is the only explanation one has for the events that took place on August 23, 1988.

    On this date, Green confronted Tyson.  Speculation is that he was hoping to secure a re-match.  All he did was anger Mike Tyson,  who secured a broken nose for Green.

Eight: Chuck Zito V. Jean Claude Van Damme

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    Pile this one into the urban legends category.  Former bodyguard and amateur fighter Chuck Zito apparently laid out Van Damme.

    To me, that is enough of a resume to move Mr. Zito into the realm of professional fighter.

Seven: Ken Hamlin

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    Here is an instance in where the athlete needed to back down.  You know considering he almost died.  In October of 2006, Hamlin was hit over the head with a bottle and almost died from extensive head trauma.  He ended up missing the following year's Super Bowl because of it.  

Six: Randy Johnson

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    America’s favorite pitcher, or is he the pitcher that loves all Americans.  Either way you can see, never get into Johnson's face.  He just does not care who you are.  Randy was really just a fun loving huggable bear. 

    Here the cameraman gets a little close and is completely taken to task for it.  He is shoved and yelled at.  Way to start you first day of work in New York.

Five: Jared Allen

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    This one is more loud trash talking than anything.  But it made this list specifically for how the other dude must have felt.

    There would be no worse feeling of hopelessness as when you are about to fight Jared Allen.  We have all seen the senseless violence he has enacted on quarterbacks.

Four: Kenny Rogers

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    Not the singing, chicken guy, the former Texas Ranger pitcher who had a predilection for giving up home runs and, as you will see, craziness.

    I included the link for you to watch for yourself.  What has always shocked me is that there are enough cameras at a Rangers' warm-up to film the guy that was filming the guy that upset Kenny Rogers.  Honorable mention to the fact that Rogers felt he did not push him enough the first time so comes back for a second shove.

Three: Charles Barkley

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    It is too bad this one did not come during the time of Flips, cell phones with video, and the 24 hour news cycle.  Jorge Lugo threw some ice at the hall-of-famer instigating Barkley to throw him through a window.  Yes it bears repeating.  He threw a man through the window like it was a Dolph Lundgren movie.  He was later quoted as saying “I’m going to defend myself. Let there be no debate.”  That was a bit more than self defense Sir Charles.

Two: Anna Kournikova

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Yay! Cat Fight!  This one is more mental picture breakdown than it is facts.  As you can see by the story, Kournikova defended herself when a drink was thrown at her. 

    In my version of the story, they make up with a steamy two week vacation in a tropical locale.  Wait, or was that my Barkley version?

One: The Brawl

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    This one may not have been technically in "The Street."  But it had, let's say, elements of a street fight.

    First off, you have Ron Artest, possibly the most "street" athlete we may ever know.  It is also closer to the street than any NBA fight ever.  This thing went ten rows deep.  Most of all I think we need to look at the overall theme of this slide show.  Do not throw anything at an athlete that is not a ball from their respective sports.  It makes them go insane.