Dodgers Get Manny Ramirez In a 3 Team Trade!

Kershner KershnerCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

The Dodgers got Manny Ramirez from the Red Socks!

In a trade that involved 3 teams: the Dodgers,Pirates,and the Red Socks. The Dodgers traded 3 prospects to the Pirates, who traded Jason Bay to the Red Sox, so the Red Sox would give Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers.

When you look at the #s, you'd probably say it's an even trade: I would think so too.

Jason Bay batted 2.82 with 22 home runs, and 64 ribs. On the other hand,Manny batted 2.99 with 20 home runs and 68 ribs at the trade deadline.So Manny looks like a better batter.

But is he a better all around player? I don't think so.

He takes 5.07 seconds to get to 1b, He is a HORRIBLE fielder, and he'll be even worse now that left Field is kind of deep.

Plus, Jason Bay will become and even better Fielder in Fenway.

Here's another thing to think about: Manny on the same team as Joe Torre.

That can't be good. Joe won't put up with all Manny's crap and if Manny gets in his head then he will be on the bench a lot!