Brian Nelms: Rolling Meadows' Young Star Point Guard Ready To Rise

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

Rolling Meadows High School is in a small suburb right outside of Chicago. Brian Nelms is a young, big-name point guard from RMHS and if you haven't heard his name, you probably should do your reearch.

I go to school with Brian Nelms and also have played with him and against him during open gyms. Playing against him is not fun and many area high school players will tell you the same thing.

Using his quickness, Nelms can leave you behind, his crossover will have you reaching and his quick but accurate release will leave your coach asking you if you know how to play defense.

That's another thing Nelms knows how to do, play defense. Some may say he lacks size but he never lacks heart, confidence, or drive. Nelms was trusted late in many games and delivered. Confidence, and named team captain as a sophomore?

Well not only does he have confidence in himself but so does the coaching staff and his teammates. His heart? Well he's always staying after practice to put in more work, first guy in, last guy out. He's always helping his teammates, and whether on the court or getting a break he tries to help telling them what they're doing right or what they can fix.

I've pointed out that I go to school with Brian Nelms so not only do I see him on the court but I see him off it as well. In classes he's always making above-average grades and brings a great attitude with him wherever he goes. He'll talk to you before games but he's always in the mood to play, and to talk, but more importantly to win.

Brian Nelms is a winner and as much as he contributes to a game, at the end of the day that's what matters most to this Rolling Meadows Mustang: winning. Win or lose you can always approach him and he'll be happy to talk to you, because that's just who he is. A very smart and talented kid on a mission, on and off the court.