Mustangs Tall Order: Paul Volkman Ready for Senior Season

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2010

Paul Volkman (pictured at free throw line) is one hell of a basketball player. At 6'5" Volkman plays center for the Rolling Meadows Mustangs, a suburban high school team right outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Why haven't you heard of his name? Well attention isn't all important to Volkman. He played a major part of the varsity team last year, even hitting a buzzer beater to win a Thanksgiving tournament game for the Mustangs.

As a former teammate of Volkman I got to see firsthand his mentality during games and practice. He's always consistent at the free throw line, and while he did play center for the Mustangs, Volkman has the same playing style and type of NBA player Rashard Lewis.

This coming season will be Volkman's senior season and his final one in his high school career. Next stop: college. He hasn't made any decisions on where he will play but has made the decision that he wants to continue to play.

Love of the game is one true value that you can notice just by talking to him for five minutes. From area high school players to the top college players Volkman knows his basketball. That translates to his high basketball IQ; hardly will you ever see him make a major mistake or let the game get to him.

Great knowledge of the game, great person on the court and great player on the court. During the school day you can point out Volkman as he's one of the tallest kids at Rolling Meadows. He'll make classmates laugh and always discuss some of sports' hottest topics.

Paul Volkman is a tall order for teams around the area and is ready to put his name on the map. Last season in high school and preparing for the collegiate level.