Glen Johnson-Tavoris Cloud: Will the Young Lion Reign Supreme?

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IAugust 4, 2010

Although the main event may be getting more publicity, the Tavoris Cloud-Glen Johnson fight may end up being the more entertaining fight after it is all said and done.

We have a strong, big punching fighter in Cloud fighting a throwback, iron-chinned fighter in Johnson. You throw in the fact that this is the last chance for Johnson and this fight is very intriguing.

It is also another classic case of young hungry lion against the accomplished battle-hardened veteran. You really can’t find two fighters that are at the polar opposites of their careers.

Johnson has fought 65 times as a professional against some of the best middleweights, super middleweights, and light heavyweights of the past 13 years.

Among others, he has tangled with are Bernard Hopkins, Sven Ottke, Thomas Ulrich, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, Eric Harding, Clinton Woods (3x), Roy Jones Jr., Antonio Tarver, and Chad Dawson.

Those are just some of the high quality fighters that he has got into the ring with. He has never backed down from a challenge and he has a big challenge ahead of him this Saturday.

Cloud has only 20 professional bouts on his ledger but has an alarming 18 wins by knockout.

Cloud is new to the world scene but has tremendous potential. In his last two fights, he grabbed his best wins and the IBF light heavyweight title.

He brutally beat up Julio Cesar Gonzalez on Friday Night Fights in 2008 and then followed that up with a unanimous decision win against Clinton Woods to win the IBF title.

Unlike Johnson, Cloud is incredibly inactive in the ring. Overall, he averages only five fights per year.

That doesn’t seem bad until you look at his resume. He only fought one time in 2009, two times in 2008, and four times in 2007.

This attributes to his total lack of star power. Although he has an exciting style and big power he has no name recognition at all.

Although Johnson is 41 and 3-2 overall in his last five fights this would be Cloud’s best win. Of the three wins Johnson has only one was against good opposition.

If you look a little closer Johnson isn’t as close to the end as you think. The two losses were to Chad Dawson and he is the only man to come close to beating Dawson.

Also in his last fight, he knocked out young contender Yusaf Mack. Mack isn’t a world beater but he looked to have found a home at light heavyweight.

So it is hard to put a finger on where Johnson stands as a fighter. He may get old overnight and he has been in a lot of ring wars over the years.

On the other hand, he looked impressive in his last fight and almost beat the best light heavyweight in Dawson. The fact that Cloud is young and strong may help Johnson get old overnight.

I hate to count Johnson out but this may be the fight that puts an end to his career at the top. Cloud is as strong as a fighter you will find and will put on constant pressure.

Johnson admitted that he can't do the things he used to and has changed his game plan accordingly. A younger Johnson would be able to handle Cloud easily.

At this advanced age Johnson wont be able to keep up. The only question is, will Cloud be the second man to stop Johnson?