Brett Favre's Fourth Annual Retirement Party

John SzurlejAnalyst IAugust 4, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  A fan holds up a sign which reads 'Welcome to Brett Favre's 4th annual Retirement Party!' in reference to Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings as he plays against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So we find ourselves wrapped up in the midst of another retirement saga.

Every major news source is reporting that Brett Favre is retiring from the NFL and leaving the Minnesota Vikings scrambling to fill the void in their offense.

In the unfortunate ratings driven nature of mass media, where everyone wants to be right, and where everyone wants to have breaking news first, the sports world is buzzing at every corner as many Vikings fans reach for their favorite antacid.

I strongly disagree with the reports of Brett Favre retiring, and offer this "forensic" review of the situation.

My opinion from everything I have read, which basically all says the same thing, is that Brett Favre is merely venting but not officially making a statement toward his actual decision.

Perhaps the most accurate observation came from NFL Network's Steve Mariucci, who stated,

"He may have stated to somebody that he's leaning (towards retirement), because his ankle is not perfect. But right now, he hasn't retired. He's still trying to get healthy. He doesn't know if he's going to be able to be healthy in time."

To further support this observation, Vikings coach Brad Childress has stated that Favre has not officially informed Childress of his decision, and that Childress would need to hear it, "from the horse's mouth."

Favre's main objective to return to the NFL for a 20th season is to be healthy enough to compete. He is still rehabbing his ankle and working on conditioning in addition to his regular regimen.

Favre's other intention seemingly points to his desire to skip training camp and preseason games. After 19 years in the NFL, I can't find fault in that. 

If you remember, Favre waited until late August in 2009 to announce he would play for the Vikings, missed pretty much the entire preseason, and went on to have a career best season.

Coach Childress also addressed this issue by referring to it as a "fluid situation," which also indicates that this is far from over.

Favre's official website has no announcements or news relating to this issue, Favre nor his agent "Bus" Cook could be reached for comment, and half of his teammates have conflicting stories to offer the news media.

In addition to the aforementioned, Sports Illustrated author Peter King's tweet is reporting that Brett Favre plans to see Dr. James Andrews regarding his ankle and his progress thus far. 

King further stated that Favre's own mother and close friend have reportedly stated that they are 100 percent certain that Favre hasn't made a solid decision about his retirement, but he still needs to see signs of improvement before his late-August return date!

Despite my previous comment about media and ratings, I find Peter King's tweet very intriguing. Many sources consider King one of Favre's foremost reporters.

I highly doubt, if King's statements are true, that someone who has "decided" to retire would go through these lengths if his mind was made up. 

Moreover, this new information confirms his desire to miss training camp.

Favre has built his career by being the iron-man of professional football. He has played through major pain and limitation before, and I doubt that this ankle issue would stop him now.

Considering Favre's past, if Favre did indeed contemplate retirement, why would he have had the surgery in the first place? 

Why would he wait so long after the surgery to make his decision?

I feel this is simply a way of circumventing training camp and ensuring his conditioning indeed brings his ankle to acceptable playing condition.

Nonetheless, retirement is still a possibility. However, I just don't see the concrete signs at this point in time.

In conclusion, if Brett Favre walks away from his team and the NFL, he will make an official announcement within the next few days, if not the next two weeks.

You can either follow this latest saga and drive yourself crazy, or you can sit back for the ride and wait to hear it from Brett himself.

The funny thing is, even then, if he does retire, you can never discount the possibility of another comeback. 

For now, I'll stay put with what I'm seeing.