Top 10 Greatest Fan Favourites In Wrestling

Jonathan JacksonContributor IAugust 4, 2010

Top 10 Greatest Fan Favourites In Wrestling

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    This is a look at who are the greatest fan favourites in the history of wrestling all of the wrestlers on the list are singles competitors and no tag teams are included I would like to know your thoughts on who I pick and who you would have picked.

10) Mick Foley

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    Mick Foley started his career as the wild and crazy Cactus Jack who was neither a face nor a heel in ECW and WCW. But when Foley moved to WWE he became the demented mankind and without a doubt set out to be a heel. However over the years his character softened and the crowed started to root for the underdog Mankind thus helping him to win the title over the Rock on Monday Night Raw.

9) John Cena

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    Now Cena isn't one of my favourite wrestlers but without a doubt you cant deny that he is popular performer and the current face of the WWE. Cena may not be the most talented of wrestlers but that never stopped Hogan from being a house hold name either and no doubt Cena will go down in history as a great baby face of the WWE.

8) Dusty Rhodes

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    Before Rhodes went to the WWE he wrestled with what was the NWA. Rhodes was one of the biggest faces in wrestling at that time going up against The Four Horsemen and Superstar Billy Graham to name a few.

    Rhodes took on the role as the common man and appealed to the crowd as a true fan favourite.

7) Bret "The Hit Man" Hart

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    Brett Hart is know as the "The Excellence of Execution." and "The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be" despite both of the statements being rather arrogant and wearing garish pink and black clothing the "Hit Man" was one of and still is the most popular wrestlers their has ever been was rarely a heel in the WWE.

6) Sting

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    Despite looking very much like a villain Sting is in my opinion is the biggest face's in WCW history. Although he does flip from face to heel he will always be known as more of fan favourite.

5) The Rock

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    The Rock had a very unsteady start to his career when he came in a with the good guy role which and went under the name Rocky Maivia. However the fans grew sick of the one dimensional style of The Rocks character and he became a heel and joined the nation of domination and later the corporation. However The Rock grew in popularity and became a big favourite thanks to the association of Mankind in the Rock and Sock connection. After this the Rock would go on to be the face of the WWE along with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

4) Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

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    Ricky Steamboat has to be on this list because he is the only wrestler i can really remember just being a baby face his whole career and still managing to keep his performances exciting and watch able. Ric Flair was once asked who is the greatest wrestler you have ever been against and his answerer was steamboat until he thought about it further and said but he was never a heel so I don't think could be classed as the greatest so maybe that hindered his career... something Rey mysterio may need to think about.

3) Shawn Michaels

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    In my opinion HBK is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest wrestler of all time and could do it all. He was a great face in the WWE after his 4 year hiatus and found it difficult to go back to his arrogant persona in the early 90's.

2) Hulk Hogan

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    The Hulkster is the biggest house hold names wrestling has ever produced and despite not being the greatest ring technician he certainly managed to get the crowd on his side some what like John Cena and their are many similarities between the two.

1) Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin is the anti hero in wrestling he does what he wants, when he wants and how he wants to do it. This is why he was so popular because he broke the baby face model and became a whole new style of wrestling hero who will go down in history as detectably the greatest face of all time.