Baltimore Orioles: Sherrill Is Going Nowhere

Shaun CopseyCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

The Baltimore Orioles made it abundantly clear hours after the trade deadline passed.  Closer George Sherrill is going nowhere. Once quoted as saying: “Being as everyone's picking us last, we'll surprise some people. If we finish last, we'll surprise ourselves.”

Well, there's not much time left.  With only two full months of regular-season left, the Orioles had better start to beat the rest of the AL East if they want any chance at finishing 4th in the best league in baseball.

Even more importantly, the Orioles made it abundantly clear that they want to win.  They are moving in the right direction.  Maintaining their only representative to the all-star game.  Sherrill has become emotionally attached to the team in the 9th inning.  When he comes in, everyone puts on their Sherrill-caps.  Flattening the front-brim of the Orioles hat and watching Sherrill pitch the final three outs.

Sherrill, 31 years old and from Memphis, Tennessee has made his mark on the team.  Most importantly, George Sherrill has impacted a bullpen which now has a reputation of pulling out 1-run wins.  Empires start with a foundation, and the Baltimore Orioles management have a strong one to work with.