Brett Favre Tells Ed Werder, "No Decision Made"

Mike Pendleton@MP2310Correspondent IMarch 24, 2017

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There's the big ol' grin from the guy we all either love or hate. He's back at it again. Yesterday with reports that Brett Favre had began telling Vikings personnel that he was retiring, myself, along with many other writers, ran to our computers and wrote articles on this big announcement.

Pretty foolish of all of us. Don't we know this act already?

Good ol' Brett Favre is just playing with our hearts and brains again. Late last night a feeling was swirling the sports world that maybe Brett Favre isn't done.

That feeling became more apparent with news today that ESPN's Ed Werder had talked to Brett, and Brett told him that he "has not made decision and also denies sending text to Vikings about retiring."

So shouldn't we all have seen this coming?

There was the tearful goodbye in Green Bay in March 2008. In late August 2008 Brett was wearing a New York Jets jersey after the Packers decided to trade Brett and hand the keys over to Aaron Rodgers. 

Mid February 2009, Favre retires from the Jets and they release him. Silly Jets, tricks are for Favre. During the summer of 2009 Favre came out of retirement and was back to his old self, getting all media attention.

Then in August, in the heaviest sports media coverage since possible OJ Simpson's white Bronco chase, the media followed the Vikings head coach as he picked up Favre from the airport and drove him to Vikings headquarters.

Now here we are, round three.

Monday night, Favre reportedly was telling Vikings personnel that he was retiring, and here we are Wednesday morning with Ed Werder of ESPN telling us that Favre has not made a decision.

What is the right decision for Brett? Is it to stay or is it to go?

Well if he wants to be remembered as the guy who continues to end his team's season on the final play with an interception, which has happened in his final year with the Packers and Vikings he should retire.

If he wants one more shot at a Super Bowl title, he should stay. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Vikings are a Super Bowl contender with Brett Favre. Without Favre, not so much. With all due respect to Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels, they are no Brett Favre.

Actually, nobody is Brett Favre. There is only one Favre, only one 40 year old man who can play mind games with the best of us, and only one 40 year old man who can make us hate him for the retirement coverage, but love him for what he does on the field.

So has Brett Favre retired?

Brett Favre doesn't even know and we all look foolish for giving in to such an early report. If Favre is truly retired I won't believe it until he sits out a full NFL season, and even then I'll have my doubts. 

Brett Favre, the best mind game player and the best quarterback in the NFL, is back to his old tricks with that sneak ol' grin.