The Two TNAs

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The Two TNAs

For over six months now, fans of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling have witnessed a schism between what TNA has been and what it appears to be now.

Sure, change is the only certainty in an uncertain world, but as more fans become detractors and WWE marks predict TNA's demise in ever-increasing numbers, one has to wonder where Dixie's company will go from here.

TNA Hardcore Justice has been almost universally panned by the IWC as an idea that's not only unnecessary (do we really need a 700th FINAL ECW show?), but also several years late, as these wrestlers are well past their prime.

Furthermore, most people view this as a cash grab and a slap in the face to TNA's roster, as Dixie comes off looking like she believes that her own roster can't put on a PPV worth buying.

Or, taken to a lesser extreme, that she has to go outside of her own company and use nostalgia to raise buy rates.

So with this non-TNA pay per view being presented by TNA, one really has to wonder if this is a turning point in the history of the company.

Now, I don't mean that in a "This change will change the face of TNA" type of a deal that either Dixie or Jeff Jarrett seem to post about every little thing these days on Facebook or Twitter.

But consider the fact that Hogan and Bischoff have been scaled back dramatically from when they first came in to TNA back in January. I know, Hogan had surgery recently, but both he and Bischoff have been used sparingly in the last two months to say the least.

Add to that, the fact that this entire ECW non-invasion seemed to be almost tailor-made for the arrival of Paul Heyman, which has been rumored about endlessly and one has to wonder where TNA is headed.

With sagging PPV buys, unhappy wrestlers (such as cornerstones AJ Styles and Samoa Joe), and increased fan outrage over the division between what TNA has been and what it's become, one has to wonder if drastic changes aren't in store.

I've never been a doomsayer when it comes to TNA, but I do feel that such criticisms are necessary if they ever hope to recapture the original TNA, the real TNA; the company that seemed to have endless upward momentum and potential.

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