Ranking all 26 of the Wrestlemania Main Events worst to best.

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Ranking all 26 of the Wrestlemania Main Events worst to best.

Every sport has a huge special event that all it's fans die to see. Baseball has the World Series, Football has the Super Bowl, Hockey has the Stanley Cup, and Wrestling has Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is the day that every fan looks forward to. And the Wrestlemania Main Event is the most important match on the card. Now there have only been 26 Wrestlemanias. Which means their have only been 26 Wrestlemania Main Events. In this article I will attempt to rank all the Wrestlemania main events from worst to best. Each slide includes a promo video for the match if one was obtainable.
I will be ranking each Main Event on 3 things.
1. The match quality: The better the quality of the match, the higher the spot
2. The story behind it: The more innovative or emotional the feud behind the match is, the higher the spot
3. How important the match was to the wrestling business. The bigger the impact the match had on the business, the higher the spot.
This is my first article so bear with me. Now without further ado, let's get started!

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