Ideas About The New Two Teamates For Team WWE?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2017

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

  For everyone who watches WWE after watching this past Monday Night Raw I know one question is going through your mind...Who else will join team WWE?

 Ive been thinking about it and talking with some friends about it and come up with a few ideas.

1. Chris Jericho and Edge rejoin team WWE

 Although the chances are highly unlikely it is still a possibility. Y2J did almost walk back to the ring and accept Cena's offer, and Edge , as we could tell, wanted the Nexus out just as bad.

2. The Rock comes back to Los Angeles?

  I have heard and read in a few articles that The People's Champ has said that he plans or is thinking about ( i can't recall which one it was) coming back this summer. A very good twist and would get a hell of a lot more views.

3. WWE Greats?

Any WWE legends returning for a one night only thing would be a terrific show to watch, but who? They already got the hit man, I'm not sure how else you could top that except by teaming him up with two other legends of the ring.

4. 2 other raw superstars join

Probably the most likely to happen since team WWE does not want to go into Summer slam outnumbered. If I had to choose I would say Mark Henry would be one of them. I'm not too sure about the other one though.

So what do you guys think?