A-Rod's 600th Home Run: Easy or Harder Than It Looks

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A-Rod's 600th Home Run: Easy or Harder Than It Looks
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I don't want to start sounding like Chris Crocker or whatever that guy's name was that made the YouTube video "Leave Britney Alone", but ever since 599 was hit all I have been hearing is shit about A-Rod.

I live in Missouri so I am kind of a lone Yankee out here and get crap about it daily. The one thing I keep hearing, and I watch it all the time on Sportscenter, is how he sucks and can't hit it, and that it should have been hit by now. The answer I give back is a question: So you could have hit it by now? Then it always goes to the argument that he used steroids so it should be easy to get it by now. The last I checked, there wasn't a steroid that could make you place the ball on the bat any better.

It has taken A-Rod 41 at-bats (as of now) since hitting No. 599. Of course the greats did it a lot faster since Babe Ruth separated 599 and 600 with one at-bat, Hank Aaron two. Barry Bonds took eight, Sammy Sosa 13, and Ken Griffey Jr. 17. All excellent players and all under 20.

If you look back at the distance between 499 and 500, the stats are pretty similar. It took him nine games and 28 at-bats to hit it. During this stretch he also hit .107.

At No. 399-400 it was different; he hit both in the same game in Milwaukee.

So he has slowed down with age. I am guessing it will be around at-bat No. 56 to get it, but I hope it will come sooner than that. What I am trying to say is shut up to all the haters. Ruth, Aaron, Bonds, Sosa, and Ken Griffey Jr. are the only people to have hit such a milestone. If anyone wants to talk crap then it should be them and only them.

So the answer to all the people who says he won't hit it or mad because he should have done it already is: You couldn't have done it any faster. You probably still live at home with your parents, and IT'S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS!!!

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