Theo, You've Got Some Splaining to do

TJ FergusonCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

Two names:  Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss.  Two promising prospects who have a bright future are now gone.

The other part of the deal, seven million dollars.  Are those alone worth Jason Bay, maybe, but probably not, Jason Bay doesn't seem like he is going to be getting any better and may actually be over his prime.

Basically, it seems like a stretch to think Jason Bay is better now than both Moss and Hansen will be.

Let's take a look at what the other teams have to give up and what they get.

The Pirates make out pretty good.  First off, they get Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen.  Then, from the Dodgers, the Pirates also get Andy LaRoche and Bryan Morris.

The Dodgers also will make out pretty good when all is said and done.  First off, they replace Manny Ramirez with Andy Laroche and Bryan Morris.  The loss for the addition makes it worth it.

Plus, the Dodgers get the Red Sox to pay the remaining $7M on Manny's contract.  So they get free home runs and then have an option on his contract.

The question now is, who made out the best in this deal?

I think I am going to go ahead and say, I do not know.  It will come down to how Manny ends up comparing to the four players Pittsburgh got.

At first glance, I want to say Pittsburgh made out the best, by far.  Brandon Moss was in line to be Manny's replacement, so they get a player who will probably turn out to be a pretty good ball player and be able to put up solid numbers season in and season out.

Craig Hansen will probably be an instant success for the Pirates.  He had some trouble figuring his stuff out in Boston, but that can probably be attributed to all the other pitchers that are on the Red Sox pitching staff.

Hansen could come right into the Pittsburgh line up and, with more innings, eventually work himself in as their permanent closer.

LaRoche is a decent young infielder who is going to be capable of developing into a middle to upper tier third basemen as his career goes on.  He already has some decent numbers considering he hasn't been a starter and I think it will only be a matter of time before he emerges as a starting third basemen.

I'm not too sure about Bryan Morris, but considering the Pirates aren't really in the running this year, the player they lost, Jason Bay, will soon be forgotten because of a player they gained, Brandon Moss.

Anything else that happens, is just added bonus.

Now, analyzing the end of the deal for the Dodgers.  They get a Manny Ramirez who is in a new place, with new management.  He is also trying to play for a new contract.

If Manny doesn't play well, the Dodgers won't pick up his option, and he won't sign a big contract.  If he does play well, the Dodgers could pick up his option, if they can afford it, and he gets paid.

But, at the very least, the Dodgers can't afford the option and Manny will get paid somewhere else.  If I had to guess right now, I would say he will be signing a big contract with either the New York Yankees or the Cleveland Indians during the free agency period.

Anyway, the Dodgers are going to get the Manny who is going to play well.  Why do I say this, because he wants to get paid, so he is not going to slack off, he is going to return to his good home run hitting self.

Now, let's look at it from the Red Sox point of view.

Manny Ramirez is gone, he is undoubtedly one of the favorites of Red Sox Nation.  I already miss him and I have yet to see the Sox on the field without him, it has literally been like four hours since I found out he was traded and I already miss him.

Now, I could deal with Manny being gone.  But we are also paying the $7M left on his contract.  All right, I get it, the Dodgers don't wanna risk paying for something that might turn around and blow up in their face, I can live with that, Jason Bay is a decent player.

Actually, statistically, Bay and Ramirez have been having pretty similar seasons, except Bay didn't piss the Pirates organization off into a semi-fire sale.

What I really dislike about this deal is the fact the Red Sox also gave up Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen.  I might be able to understand one of them going away because maybe the Pirates need an outfielder to replace Bay.  But both of them?

Did the Red Sox even try negotiating?  Maybe get someone to throw them a prospect pitcher or a draft pick or something.  Maybe get the Pirates to pick up the rest of Jason Bay's contract.

I don't know who this trade will work for in the long run, but I tell you who it hurts, the Boston Red Sox.  They lose a star in Manny and essentially two other major league ready players in Moss and Hansen.

And the reaction from Sox Nation, at least the few people I have talked to:  not very good.  I have already heard a few people say this is a terrible trade, I saw one kid crying because he thought it was such a bad trade.

Another girl was dumbfounded by the fact that both Moss and Hansen were gone as well.  In fact, the only positive review I have heard from this trade came from the mouth of a Yankees fan.

And if the fan base is half as upset as I am, they are angry as heck at the Boston front office who have some explaining to do.

Not to mention finger crossing that Manny blows up in the Dodgers face and Jason Bay plays a key role in the Sox making the playoffs.

In summary:

Worst.  Trade.  Ever.