The Favre and Roethlisberger Effect.

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The Favre and Roethlisberger Effect.

Decisions decisions. They are important in life and football. So let us look into two stories that will have huge effects on the coming season, both involving two huge decisions. First the obvious one Brett “Can’t Leave in Peace” Favre. The question is will he stay or will he go?

Now I am aware I am just adding to the Internet clutter on this Favre thing but it has to be said. If he leaves he will have angered three different franchises and pissed away another shot at a Super Bowl. Also he will drop the Vikings out of serious division contention and possibly even playoff contention.

Could this be Brett Favre’s way of making it up to the Packers? You know screwing over a divisional rival in a year when they have a great chance at competing? The Vikings will fair decent without Favre but in a quarterback driven league they do not stand a serious chance especially in this quarterback driven world we now find ourselves in. Now on the flip side if he does comeback the Vikings should be the favorites to win the division and should make a push to the Super Bowl again.

Now to number two. Another quarterback with another decision except this time it is not his own. I am referring to Big Ben Roethlisberger. Who is waiting on Roger Goodell’s decision. Will he be suspended 4 games or 6? Will he be in mid season form when the rest of the team is, and needs him to be? How long will this rust take to shake off?

All of these are essential questions in determining the AFC playoff picture. I am well aware of the arms race that the Bengals and Ravens have been committed to this off season season, but if we really think about it which team is in the best position to win in the playoffs? What? Did you say Pittsburgh? No? Well you are obviously not thinking this through. Not only does Ben have an amazing record in the playoffs, 8-2 including two Super Bowl rings, but also there is a good chance the Steelers might be putting the best defensive unit in the NFL on the field this coming season and really that is a combination no one can argue against.

So you see why this suspension is so important. Those two games could really shift the balance in the AFC. And yes I am aware one of those games are against the Browns but their is a chance the Steelers could be at a 2-2 record so at that point every win matters. The other is against the Dolphins and they should be in position at the end of the season to challenge for the same playoff spot. Oh and no I did not forget about his image. That will also be important to fix, but as we learned with the Kobe Bryant and Ray Lewis scenarios if you play well enough people will forget.

So there you go. Two quarterbacks two stories and two conferences hang in the balance of two decisions. Should be fun.

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