The Ten Best Franchises in NFL History

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The Ten Best Franchises in NFL History

Okay, kids, gather around, it's story time!

Once upon a time, a Celtics fan walked into a sports bar. He sat down next to a Lakers fan and started talking smack about Kobe Bryant. The Lakers fan retorted by asking the Celtics who won the last two NBA championships. The Celtics fan said they still have more titles than the Lakers. This argument went on and on until they were thrown out of the bar. Unfazed, they continued exchanging one-ups about Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Phil Jackson, and Red Auerbach until the cops had to pull them apart. The end.

So what's the moral of the story? Right now, somewhere in the world, two guys are in a sports bar, arguing over something. Think about it, it's really touching. Hopefully neither of them will end up in handcuffs after said argument. Even more hopefully, they're engaging in one of our great sports debates – who's the best hitter of all time, the best basketball player, or the best coach. The great thing about sports debates such as these is that, because there is no parameter or statistic that sets some players above others definitively, there is no right or wrong answer. Ruth or Aaron? Flip a coin. MJ or Kareem? Staring contest. John Wooden or Vince Lombardi? Roshambo. (On second thought, no crotch-kicking, please.)

With all that in mind, imagine I'm in a sports bar, sitting next to a friend, and having one of these great debates. I don't drink, so my arguments will at least be intelligible if not impeccable. I take a sip of my Diet Pepsi and ask my friend who the ten best franchises in the NFL are. Before he has his say, though, I tell him my rankings, based on several factors: all-time regular season record, number of championships, front office stability, public perception, coaching, star power, and perennial success. “So whatcha got?” he asks “Here's what I have,” I reply.

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