New York Yankees Make Two Minor Moves

JerseySenior Analyst IJuly 31, 2008

The Yankees have made some big moves before today's trade deadline, including the much-heralded acquisitions of Ivan Rodriguez, Xavier Nady, and Damaso Marte. But they've also made some minor moves that could pay off down the stretch.

After gambling on Sidney Ponson (a move that went pretty well until his last outing), the Yanks also brought in former farmhand Eric Milton, who had been traded, way back when, for Chuck Knoblauch. Over the past couple of days, they've made two more minor moves.

First, they dealt LaTroy Hawkins to Houston for a minor-leaguer. The prospect is at high-A ball and isn't too bad, actually. The fact that we got anything for Hawk is impressive, and I honestly don't know what the Astros were thinking.

How will an awful reliever help them make up the 27 or so games they need to make the playoffs?

Second, the Yanks signed Victor Zambrano to a minor-league deal. Z spend most of his career with Tampa Bay (before they were Team Sunshine), and was famously traded to the Mets for Scott Kazmir, in one of the most predictably lopsided trades in history.

Zambrano hasn't pitched in a long time, but he was supposed to be decent the last time he was in the majors, so if he pans out, the Yankees could have a back-of-the-rotation option if they need it.

Of course, I still think that Ian Kennedy is at least as good as any of our other options and should get the call next time it's supposed to be Ponson's turn.