Why Kane Should Not Lose His World Title To Rey Mysterio

Atobe KeigoContributor IIAugust 3, 2010

Rumors have been circling around through the internet that Rey Mysterio is set for another world title run at the expense of “The Big Red Monster” Kane. Now I am here to tell you why this has to be the most idiotic idea I have heard from WWE since they fired Bryan Danielson.


As we all know, Kane had another title run as champion but that was almost immediately taken away by Stone Cold Steve Austin and that is which I believe is the fourth shortest run with the title. Now after more than a decade Kane won his second world title by making history and cashing his MITB briefcase on Rey Mysterio on the same day he won it. I’m sure everybody has seen the Night of Champions poster showing Rey as champ. I don’t care if The Undertaker has to return from his “vegetative state” so he can start a rivalry with Kane.


I am tired of the fact that WWE ends a title reign for a storyline, the same thing happened to Sheamus for the Cena-Batista Feud II. But that’s beside the point, this is probably the last title reign of Kane’s career and even though he is a sure fire hall of famer, he should have at least have the World Heavyweight Championship till Survivor Series. Ever since they took of his mask his career has gone downhill so they should give him a shining moment in the light.


I know that I am not the only person who wants Kane to have a short title reign, they can push The Undertakers return to a later date and have him cost Kane the World Title at a later PPV. If they do an “every month new champion” thing, the same thing will happen to the Big Gold Belt that happened to the WWE Title last year.


Kane has been a loyal WWE superstar his entire career and hasn’t betrayed them to go to another company like TNA, they would be stupid not to reward him for that. Rey Mysterio already needs surgery so this is the way he can get it, they don’t have to give him the title back.