Brett Favre: Has He Put The Vikings In a Tough Spot? Hardly

Ron FurlongAnalyst IIAugust 3, 2010

PITTSBURGH - OCTOBER 25:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings looks to make a pass play during the NFL game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on October 25, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers defeated the Vikings 27-17. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

With the news of Brett's Favre's third and, dare I say, final retirement, talk has been circulating how Favre has left the Vikings in a tough situation. Some have gone as far as to call it unfair.

The rational is Favre should have let the Vikings know sooner. Had he provided them with more warning surely they could have gone out and signed a big name quarterback—a better quarterback than Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels.

I'm not exactly sure who that quarterback would be, or how he could be considered better than Jackson at this point for this team, but that is another argument.

The real point is the Vikings are big boys, and they knew full well that this possibility existed. They put themselves in this situation, and trying to blame Favre because some in the media don't think the Vikings have left themselves in a viable position of having a quality quarterback on an otherwise deep and talented team is, well, ridiculous.

Head Coach Brad Childress and everyone else in the Vikings camp knew that Favre might retire. In fact, Childress, after a couple of visits to Mississippi this spring and summer, probably knew it better than anyone.

And to go so far as to say the Vikings could have drafted Colt McCoy or another quarterback who dropped like watermelons from a high rise during the draft is also ludicrous.

The Vikings didn't want Colt McCoy or Jimmy Clausen or Tim Tebow to be their quarterback of the future. They simply feel they are not good enough. With or without Favre the Vikings don't take one of those quarterbacks in the draft. Don't tell me Tim Tebow would be a better fit for the Vikings this season than Tavaris Jackson. That is crazy. Tebow would ride the bench as the number three.

The Vikings can address their quarterback of the future next off-season, via the draft or a trade. Right now they are focused on having Tavaris Jackson manage this team to a Superbowl.

Ordinary, mistake-free quarterbacks have led great teams to Superbowl titles before, and the Vikings right now may as well hope that it can happen again.

Would they prefer Favre? Of course.

Are they disappointed? You betcha (as they say in Minnesota).

Do they blame Favre? No.

Will they contend for a Superbowl?