BR Pro Wrestling Power Rankings: Be a Part of BR History!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IAugust 3, 2010

A while back I took a lengthy hiatus from BR to pursue personal interests. I have accomplished both my goals and I am happy to be back writing on my web site and BR. One of the things started was a monthly pro wrestling power ranking system. Other sites and magazines did it, and I felt if done here it could give this section more credibility.

The first time I did it people really liked the idea and we had one month where BR had a ranking system for wrestling. I am hoping that I can reestablished that again with all of you fine people. It is a very simple system. So it shouldn't be to difficult for anyone to participate in. I will explain, and then show you how it will look.

Everyone will Pick ten wrestlers for three groups of wrestlers. They will be labeled as WWE, TNA and Independent. The independent wrestlers can be picked from ROH, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, or any other Indy fed you can think of. Just pick your ten wrestlers for each category, and after a week of voting that will be your monthly ranks for pro wrestling. Non active wrestler votes will not be counted.

The wrestlers with the most votes will move on to a fourth group labeled Top Ten wrestlers. This can have WWE, TNA or Indy guys in it. Below is an example of what it will look like. This will only work if people join in and participate. I hope this works out, if it doesn't at least I tried.

Here are your examples

Top ten WWE stars Top     Ten TNA stars        Top ten Indy stars          Top ten wrestlers

1. Edge                           1.                          1.                                  1.

2. Chris Jerichio

3. HHH

4. Goldust

5. R Truth

6. The Miz

7. CM Punk

8. John Cena

9. Khali

10. John Morrison

It will be a bit more better looking than that, but I think you get the idea. I hope this works, and I look forward to seeing all your votes.