Claremont Ca 10U Gold All-Stars: Championship Quest

Ric LeczelCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2010

Thirteen girls - one heartbeat! That has been the motto since Day 1. Actually, it was twelve heartbeats, but we picked up a player to take to Nationals. The goal has been to take a group of individuals and transform them into a single force.

Goal Achieved! 

Meet the 2010 Claremont 10U Gold All-Stars:

#24 Katie K. - aka Boomer - Team leader with a heart bigger than an elephant. Can play any position in the field, but plays mostly at SS and pitcher. Lead-off hitter, highest average, total bases, slugging and on-base percentage. Plays with reckless abandon.

#20 Elyse - aka Big E - Tough as nails - gets hit, gets slammed into, never quits. Plays all positions, shines at 3rd, has a gun and a killer smile while throwing you out. Second in triples and RBI's. 

#7 Cady - aka Mo - Quiet leader and the oldest on team. Starting catcher, played at 3rd and 1st when needed. Leader in homers, triples, and RBI's. She is the one the girls look up to. 

#27 Savannah - aka Bubbas or Stretch - Anchor at 1st, has made plays others dream about. Clinched a championship game berth with an unassisted double-play to kill a rally. Can stretch like a rubber band. Tied for third in total bases, slugging percentage and RBI's. Fewest strikeouts on the season.

#22 Megan - Money - Closed out a couple of games with impressive catches in right. Always in the right place at the right time. Third highest average, second fewest strikeouts. 

#8 Kalena - Quiet as a mouse, but quick as a cat. Plays 2nd and has tremendous range, but can play any position. Started two 4-6-3 double-plays this season. Pitches when needed. Clutch hitter, third in RBI's. 

#00 Camille - aka -CAT - Stealthy and deceptive, made some great catches in left. Looks like she not going to make it, buts always ends up safe at third. Dugout comedian, keeps the girls loose.

#2 Katie S. - Starts in center and plays 3rd. Has good range and nice speed with nine put-outs. Tied for second in sac hits and walks. Wears out opposing pitchers with team leading full-count at-bats.

#32 Chandler - aka Chan-Chan or Tugboat -Put the team on her back and carried them to Nationals. Awesome pitcher who never gets intimidated, by anyone or any situation. Over 50 strike-outs this season.  

#3 Gianna - aka G-Force - Led team in walks, tied for first in sac hits. Always seemed to lay down the perfect bunt. Closed out a couple of games in the circle, plays 1st and outfield.

#11 Mia - aka MiaMiaMia - First sub, always ready, made some great catches in center to end games. Lays down the bunt, gets the walk, runs the bases, and scores. 

#49 Taylor - aka TT or TSquared - New acquisition for Nationals. Had eight K's against us in a solid game in June. Pitcher and surprisingly quick on the bases.

#14 Ambur - aka Froggy or Hammer - Loudest on the team - never shuts up. Always in the game mentally - played as DP, hitting for the pitcher. Late inning sub, played outfield and 3rd. Second in walks, 5th in RBI's. 

There you go, the 2010 Claremont 10U Gold All-Stars. Thirteen girls, one heartbeat. On a quest to be the best.