Raw Rebound: Melina Returns and Brings the Golden Era with Her?

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Raw Rebound: Melina Returns and Brings the Golden Era with Her?

Last week, Alicia Fox further cemented her top spot in the company by taking two Divas out, Jillian Hall and Brie Bella.

This week, the Foxy one must team up with Jillian, as well as Tamina, to take on Eve, Gail, and Nattie. Let's see what came about on Monday when these six competitors collided.

Eve's team is already out, and I must say, they all look gorgeous. I'm a little jaded, because had it not been for Nattie, the trio would've been color-coordinated.

Really, Nattie? Why? Oh well, onwards we must go.

Alicia's team then comes out, and Jillian really caught my eye. We learn that apparently Jillian and Alicia made up before the match, but Jillian still looks a bit sour.

In any event, the match commences, and it's the beautiful Songstress that will meet the cat-like competitor, Gail Kim, first.

The women tie up and it's Jillian who takes control, overpowering Gail to the mat before pummeling her with some shots to the head.

She then flings Gail to the other side of the ring by her hair for two. Someone's cranky today. Anyways, the Songbird then begins driving Gail's back into her knee, again using Gail's hair to her advantage.

After mocking the ref, Jillian hits a nice backbreaker on the former Women's Champ for two yet again. She goes on to take Gail to her team's corner, hesitantly tagging Alicia in with a glare that could burn holes through steel.

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Alicia clubs Gail in the back, following up with a slick northern lights suplex. This garners the current Diva's Champion a two-count, and she decides it's enough offense for the time being, taking Gail to her team's corner once more.

Alicia sticks out her hand for Jillian to tag in, but is met with no response. I honestly don't know why Tamina didn't just tag herself in, but then again, there's no place for logic in the realm of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Gail takes advantage of this moment, gutting Alicia with a kick and pounding her in the face a few times. She sends Alicia to the ropes, ending up there herself.

On the return, she kicks Alicia in the shoulder area, quickly taking advantage with a flapjack maneuver.

Gail tags Nattie in and the wrestling clinic begins. Natalya ducks a clothesline, hitting one of her own and elbowing Alicia in the face.

She follows up with a quick suplex and a vicious dropkick square in Alicia's back. Ouch! The wrestling tirade doesn't stop there, however, as Nattie keeps up her offensive streak with a scoop slam and a beautiful double-underhook suplex pin.

Wow! When was the last time you saw a Diva pull that out of her arsenal? And I'm pretty sure the only time I've ever seen that move pulled off was in a Joshi match, which, as we all know, is untouchable when you compare Joshi with American wrestling.

It just goes to show how much diversity Nattie has to offer, and how underutilized the girl is!

Back in the match, Tamina breaks up Natalya's gorgeous move and is met with a nice dropkick from Gail that sends her to the outside.

Jillian tries to help but finds a kick for her troubles. Gail seemingly sets up a flying armdrag, but as she goes to the top rope, she instead flies off and out, hitting an absolute SICK crossbody on Tamina! 

Jillian then decides she's had enough, latching onto Gail and flinging her directly  into the steel ring post! Whoa! Gail seriously looked like she just died there! These girls are not playing games tonight!

Jillian tries heading back into the ring but is met with a nice dropkick from Eve. As the former Divas Champion lifts Jillian, Tamina clotheslines her harshly into the concrete.

As Natalya goes for her sharpshooter submission, Tamina comes in to break it up.

Natalya literally slaps the taste out of her mouth, sending her to the outside, but as she has her attention set on Tamina, she is hit with an axe kick from behind by Alicia. The Divas Champion gets the pin and the win.

Alicia then grabs the mic. She says she's had the greatest Divas Championship reign in history, and I really can't argue with her there. She goes on to say that she's beaten all the Divas on Raw, and a nice closeup is shown of Jillian.

She looks extra-pissed at Alicia. Finally, she says there isn't a Diva in the entire company that can compare to her, because she's the most do-....

And that's when the music plays. The infamous, the one, the only, Melina's music plays, and we know she's back.

Our favorite A-Lister makes her way to the ring and Alicia looks scared. Alicia tries scurrying out of the ring, but Jillian throws her right back into the ring to meet Melina.

The champ goes for a clothesline, but Melina ducks out of the way with her matrix move.

She elbows Alicia on the return and hits a fabulous snapmare driver on the current champion. She finishes off with a yelp of, "I'M BAAAAACK!" and her Primal Scream (split-legged DDT drop). Melina poses for the crowd as all eyes are on her.

Wow! Where do I go from there? Well, let me just follow my formula of reviewing by order of events.

First off, the match. Seriously, that was the best Divas match on Raw, let alone the entire WWE, that we've had in a while.

It was fast, fun, and even smart. I say it was smart because they used the right girls for the wrestling aspect of it. The four women who know how to wrestle, wrestled, and the rookies stayed on the sidelines while getting their important moments in.

Gail and Natalya proved why they deserve to be pushed. Natalya was an absolute beast in that match, and she showed just how diverse she is with that amazing double-underhook suplex.

Gail showed why she is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the top female workers in North America. The woman just hit a crossbody from the top rope and to the outside! Who else has done that in recent memory?!

I loved the fact that the tension between Jillian and Alicia was played up, instead of being thrown right under the rug. I really can't say enough good things about Jillian. She is the epitome of a "total package."

Alicia was just perfect tonight. I liked her selling, and her promo was on point.

I especially liked how she was going to say that she's the most dominant Diva in the WWE. We all know that is Melina's signature line, and it provided a nice piece of irony to the whole post-segment.

Now for Melina's return. Well, what can I say? It was great! Melina looked beautiful, she pulled out a nice, new move from her arsenal, and overall she had the crowd on her side.

It was nearly perfect. I say nearly, because, well—let me put it to you this way; when the whole segment was over and the dust had settled, I realized something.

I realized I wasn't excited anymore. What I mean by this is, I wasn't jumping up and down for joy. I wasn't yelping at the television screen to put Melina back. I wasn't going crazy. And the reason for this is because I already new Melina was coming.

The show was pre-taped, and the news about Melina had already spilled the week before. I wasn't that hyped up about it afterwards.

If the show was live, as it should've been, I would still be buzzing about it right now, but I'm not. Plus, the thing that really pissed me off the most was that I'll never know how the crowd really reacted to Melina last night.

It's no secret that the WWE pipes in noise for pre-taped shows, so what if those cheers were fake? Or worse, what if WWE lowered her cheers?

From what I understand, Melina supposedly got the biggest pop of the night that day, but clearly Cena and others were getting bigger pops than her.

WWE doesn't like having their female talent overshadow their males, and they could've easily lowered her pop in favor of the 'top guys'. It's saddening to think that, but I wouldn't put it above WWE.

Moving forward, there are a TON of possibilities with Melina's return, but my personal favorite is the possibility of a three-way feud between Melina, Alicia, and Jillian.

That's right, Jillian. If you didn't notice, Jillian shoved Alicia back into the ring tonight, and that could've very well been her beginning of a face turn. If so, hallelujah! Finally the wrestling gods have heard my pleas!

I've said it from day one, Jillian needs to be a face. Her heel run, although over, has run it's course, and it's time for a change of pace for Jillian.

We know she has all the tools in the world to succeed, so WWE just needs to give her the platform. If this feud does commence, it's a possibility that Melina will turn heel.

If so, I am not for it. The reason being that no face is currently over like her, and I've had enough of heel Melina.

She's my favorite WWE Diva, and I'll adore her either way, but I really think keeping her face will be good for the division. If anyone should turn heel, it's Eve. Why, you ask?

Heels get more mic time than faces because it's harder for a heel to get over than a face. With the mic time Eve gets, she could finally develop into a character.

I could definitely see her as a narcissistic, bratty, rich-girl type. And the more extreme her character is, the easier it will be for her to perform.

Now that Melina's back, Raw is already looking up! Will WWE continue to impress, or will they end up flopping in the end? Let's hope for the best!

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