Manny to LA, Bay to Boston, Pirates Get Four Minor Leaguers

Justin LorenzCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

Before the month of July the Pirates were sitting on a high with the best outfield seen in Pittsburgh in years. All of the outfielders were All-Star capable.

With all of this talent being revealed, the Pirates had an offense that was finally working. What's the smartest thing to do? Trade 2/3 of the solution.

The move is official.

Red Sox get: Jason Bay .282 22 Home runs

Dodgers get: future Hall of Fame member Manny Ramirez .299 20 Home runs

Pirates get: four minor league players; Brandon Moss OF, Andy LaRoche 3B (Adam's brother), Craig Hansen RHP, and Bryan Morris RHP.

In the past week the Pirates have received five RHP, two OF, and a 3B all in the minor leagues for their best corner outfielders, their best AVG hitter, and their best reliever.

Only one player is currently Major League ready, fueling the questions as to who will fill these spots. The Pirates are already injury plagued so bench players are already being used. The Pirates simply do not have enough personal to continue the frequent trips to AAA that are needed; however, most of the players in AAA, including the newest trade players, are not major league ready.

For Boston, this trade maybe what the doctor ordered. Bay is younger and much less money to resign. His productivity is high and he can field much better then Manny. Bay will look strong in the Red Sox post season and a change of city and winning team may turn Bay into a power house in the AL.

The Dodgers were also looking for that post season push and they hope Manny's power is just the thing.