Manny Ramirez Traded to Dodgers in Three-Way Deal: The Era Is Over

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IJuly 31, 2008

The Red Sox have finally made the deal. The drama between Manny Ramirez and the Sox Nation has come to an end.

Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe has confirmed that the Red Sox have made a three-way deal with the Dodgers and the Pirates. Ramirez has Joe Torre as his new manager with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Pirates pick up Sox youngsters Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss, and Brian Morris.

The Dodgers also send third baseman Andy LaRoche to the Pirates.

The Sox seem to have given up the most in the deal, giving away three prospects and an agreement to pay for all of Manny Ramirez's remaining contract. They do pick up Jason Bay, who was a great hitter for the Pittsburg Pirates the last few years. He also has a slim contract of $6.5 million this year and only $7.5 million for 2009.

LaRoche, one of the Dodgers' top prospects the last few years, had struggled at third base and, along with Blake Dewitt, had seen their playing time reduced when the Dodgers traded for Casey Blake.

Moss is a very gifted outfielder with good pop in his bat. He has always been a constant name brought up in trade talks involving the Red Sox.

Hansen is a hard-throwing right-hander who has struggled during his time in the majors. He has been touted to someday become a closer or dominant relief pitcher.

Morris, a former first round pick, had Tommy John surgery in 2007. He has come back really well, and could be seen as becoming a good number No. 3 starter in the future. He has yet to play in the majors.