Breaking News: Manny To Dodgers

Tim BogdanskyCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2008

The Manny Ramirez saga has ended. The Dodgers have acquired the slugger in a three-team-deal involving both the Pittsburgh Pirates as well.

Jason Bay is headed to the Red Sox to take Manny's place, as the Pirates receive Andy Laroche, Bryan Morris, Craig Hansen, and Brandon Moss.

The trade seemingly ends the week-long publicized drama between Manny and the Sox which culminated with a sign held by Manny Ramirez in the dugout of his last game as a Red Sox outfielder endorsing a trade to the Green Bay Packers "straight up" for Brett Favre.

Ramirez will be slotted into left field and easily make the Dodgers the favorite to win the National League West, a division sure to go down to the wire between L.A. and Arizona.