Brett Favre: The Most Overrated Player in NFL History

Carl StoffersCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2010

As we are forced to endure another "Favre Watch" this summer, a seemingly annual event where Brett Favre holds whatever organization he happens to belong to hostage for as long as possible (or as long as he can, in order to miss as much training camp as possible) I must point out that Brett Favre is the most overrated player in NFL history.

The practical beautification of Favre started around 1997, when he led the Packers to his first (and only) Super Bowl victory. It should be noted that such NFL "legends" as Trent Dilfer and Jeff Hostetler have also led their teams to as many victories in the Super Bowl. Since that year, Favre can do absolutely no wrong in the media's eyes. John Madden has fawned on him so blatantly that it's completely embarrassing. ESPN has simply gushed over his 'legendary' career. But after getting past this fluff, this feel good nonsense, when you really take a look at Favre's stats, you see that he's not quite so legendary, and certainly not worthy of the praise so often heaped on him by the adoring media.

Favre is a physically tough guy, no doubt about it. He's incredibly durable, and has the 286 straight starts to back that up. But if he decides to grace the NFL with his presence this year, it will be season number twenty, and still only one ring.

His postseason statistics are below average, at best. He's led his teams to a 13-11 record, while compiling a decent 87.3 QB rating. The telling stat, however, is his incredible 30 interceptions in those 24 games. Favre always seems to find a way to throw a huge interception in a huge spot in a huge game. He threw interceptions in overtime in 2003 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles and in 2008 vs. the New York Giants, ending his team's season. He appeared in both games to be trying to live up to his "gunslinger" reputation by wildly and recklessly throwing the ball down field. In 2010, he duplicated his season-ending interception prowess vs. the New Orleans Saints. 

Last, lets not underestimate the cold, calculated Favre and how he has bullied, used, and cheated the Packers, Jets and now the Vikings. For someone Madden and co. love to bill as the ultimate "team guy" Brett Favre doesn't seem to care a whole lot about anyone except Brett Favre. Whether he's keeping his current team in the dark deep into training camp as to his decision to play or not, or ignoring his understudy Aaron Rogers for 2 years in Green Bay, Favre is not a team guy. and he's definitely not worthy of the adoration constantly heaped upon him.