Quickie Quote, Episode I: Peanut Butter or Djalo With my Sandro-Wich?

David JacobsCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2010

Apologies for the laboured headline. I try too hard to be clever sometimes. My parodies would prove that to you.

Following the South American Copa Libertadores, Sandro (Ranieri Guimares Cordeiro) will be jetting off to lovely, sunny North London to join Spurs after SC Internacional agreed to a deal with them. The two clubs are affiliated with each other so that Spurs get first pick on all Internacional Youth Academy players.

He is a solid defensive midfielder with purported ability to get forward and may be tipped as the other 50 percent of what could be one of the most formidable midfield partnerships in the League.

Honduran hard-man Wilson Palacios is the other 50 percent. However, I have to be a Doubting-Thomas and voice my concern.

Whilst I'm excited about Sandro donning the pure lilywhite strip in just a few weeks, by joining Palacios in central-midfield, a Chopper-Harris style midfield would be formed (non-Chelsea fans, Google for more info).

Palacios' cards record hasn't presented him in the best light possible. A shining example lies in last season's away match against Manchester United. The Honduran had a very bad day at the office. He bundled Nani over in the penalty area and was generally uneasy in defence that day.

There is no point in doubling the chances of losing a player during such an important era in Spurs history (e.g. Champions League qualifiers). There is now no scope for silly tackles and both Sandro and Palacios carry a risk of doing so.

Additionally, I have a "no sh*t Sherlock" reason for it not working out, and that is: Having two defensive midfielders is too defensive.

Spurs may have one of the best defences and goalkeepers in the League on a good day, but are comparably light in attacking prowess and need the stylish playmaking of Modric to maintain a wider range of attacking options than simply wing-play from Lennon and Bale.

Goal scoring ability upfront is also scarce at times. Spurs need more weight upfront (goal scoring ability, NOT Tom Huddlestone). Therefore, I'm much more excited about Yannick Djalo; the Guinea-Bissau-born, Portuguese youngster who has been impressing Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon to you and me) with his winger skills and his eye for goal.

Djalo has shown interest in moving to England and his agent cited Tottenham as Djalo's next destination, possibly during this transfer window, if not pretty soon. He could be Spurs' "Signing of the Season."

Additional Info: The award for "Signing of the Season" 2009/2010 went to Niko "Ginola v2.0" Kranjcar.