John Wall: What's Wrong With NCAA Recruiting

Matt SmithSenior Analyst IJuly 31, 2008

If you haven't heard of John Wall by now you're either:
A) Not a college basketball fan or
B) Need to get your head from under the rock

The top point guard and number one rated recruit for the 2009 class may be ending his recruitment soon according to Rivals.

Wall has been burning up the recruiting trails lately playing AAU ball and competing at showcase events like the LeBron James Skills Academy and the Peach Jam held.  He had a great season as well for his high school, Word of God Christian Academy out of Raleigh, NC.

So naturally when you see that he plays his ball in North Carolina and is the number one rated prospect over all you think he's either signing with North Carolina or Duke.

So why is neither North Carolina nor Duke offering him a scholarship?

Well if you read the linked article you can figure out why.

For those of you who didn't, Wall may actually sign with Baylor after his travel team D-One Sport's head coach Dwon Clifton will be announced as the new Director of Player Development this Friday.

That's why North Carolina and Duke and many other top programs didn't offer Wall.

This deal is about as shady as it can get.

In a world where players must first go to college before the NBA, we've already seen agent scandals, thanks O.J. Mayo, and European deflections, thanks to Brandon Jennings.

So now we get to see the hiring of friends and family to buy a player's way into a college.  Under the table deals being made to make sure that a guy is "taken care of."

Now this isn't the first time this has happened; its happened many times, most recently at the University of Memphis when Head Coach John Calipari hired Dajaun Wagner's father as an assistant coach to make sure his boy played for Memphis.

Heck, even Kansas hired Danny Manning's father and got a national championship out of it.

It just sickens me how unattractive the underbelly of college basketball is. 

Shoe deals and hanger-ons rule college basketball now, not integrity and team play.

John Wall you are what is wrong with college basketball today; a kid with immense talent that is still not good enough for you.  You could probably play on any team but you leverage your abilities to buy your way onto a team.

I for one am sick of the way NCAA basketball is being run and I know as one fan I can't do anything to change it.

I just want the NCAA to know that we as fans recognize it and are disgraced at the way our favorite game has become nothing more than a pawn for the fat pockets for 17 year old kids.