Darrelle Revis: Measuring The Worth Of Revis Island

Tyler AdamsContributor IAugust 2, 2010


Darrelle Revis is easily the best defensive back in the NFL, but the Jets don't choose to pay him like he is. 

Revis, as many may know was the definition of shut down corner last year. He never gave up more than 50 yards in a game to any wide receiver. 


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It is easy to see based on this data that Revis made a significant impact on every game he played in versus great receivers last season. Revis made these players average just 26 yards per game and three receptions versus Revis as opposed to 70 yards per game and 5.1 receptions versus the rest of the NFL. Revis saves two receptions per game and limits receivers to nearly a third of their normal averages. 


Revis also had many other accolades including a league-leading 37 pass deflections, six interceptions, and the best nickname in the NFL. That nickname happens to be Revis Island which he has copyrighted for good reason. 

Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson recruited Revis to the University of Pittsburgh. Williamson watched every game from Revis' junior and senior prep seasons and about 15 basketball games, seeing the 5-foot-11 youngster dunk over players six inches taller. 

"He never looks out of position, rarely takes false steps, very cerebral as a cover man," Williamson said. "He doesn't just rely on his speed or his size or his quickness. He seems to know what routes are coming in certain situations, down and distance. 

"The typical fan thinks running routes is easy for a receiver, but to make every route look the same until they actually sell it is really tough. Darrelle really understands each player he faces tendencies and each offense's tendencies. That's a remarkable quality."

Trent Dilfer has also stated his love for Revis in the past even comparing him to NBA star Kobe Bryant: "When I see Darrelle Revis playing cover corner, I see Kobe Bryant in a one-on-one isolation match up."

I'd estimate that Revis won at least six games including the playoffs based on his abilities to shut down the truly elite receivers. Those six games included Week 1 vs Houston when he shut down Andre Johnson, Week 2 vs New England when he made Randy Moss look old, Week 12 vs Carolina when he turned Steve Smith into a human again, Week 16 vs Indianapolis when he made Reggie Wayne stay on the sidelines, Week 17 vs Cincinnati when he made Chad Ochocinco literally disappear, and the Wild Card Playoff game when he once again contained Ochocinco. 

The Jets are foolish to make Revis lower his demands because his demands are already low enough. He just wants to be paid in money, but what this guy is worth to the Jets is obviously something that can't be measured by anything except for the seven wins he brought his team last year.